Happy New Year Reader!:

Our first regular weekly issue will be out this Wednesday.

Below are three lists that report on what you, as a group, chose to read in 2021:

  • The first is a list of the most popular analysis / opinion articles with direct links to the source.
  • The second is a list of the most read newsletter issues published in 2021.
  • The third list includes the top 10 newsletter issues read in 2021 that were published before 2021.
  • We did not include news items in the popularity contest though a few articles included news.

Top 10 articles of 2021

Actually 15 with ties. The most popular analysis / opinion articles with direct links to the source to save you a click.

1. The cost of cloud, a trillion dollar paradox, a16z.com

2. Blockchain explained in 50 lines of code, medium.com

3. Taxonomy makes the world go round, storyneedle.com

3. A beautiful power tool to scrape, clean, and combine data, blog.jonudell.net

4. Microsoft’s new Fluid office documents are coming to life in Teams, OneNote, and more, www.theverge.com

5. It’s Apple’s internet now, mobiledevmemo.com

6. Metaverses, stratechery.com

7. The role of ontologies within unified data models, tdwi.org

7. How news publishers are turning casual, infrequent readers into paying subscribers, www.niemanlab.org

7. Here’s why we may need to rethink artificial neural networks, towardsdatascience.com

8. Announcing OpenMetadata, blog.open-metadata.org

9. The beginner’s guide to the modern data stack, towardsdatascience.com

10. Aggregation Theory applied to martech stacks, chiefmartec.com

10. An era of digital humans, medium.com

10. The metaverse was lame even before Facebook, www.theatlantic.com

Most read issues of 2021

The top 20 newsletter issues published in 2021. We switched email service providers and combined analysis / opinion articles and content technology news in June. This happily resulted in more interaction and explains why 19 of top 20 most read issues are from the second half of the year. All issues are published on gilbane.com, and since June also published on our Revue newsletter site. For consistency we have used the gilbane site links here, and in the next list, so you don’t have to flip between sites while exploring.

  1. Gilbane Advisor 3-29-21 — low-code, data catalogs, platforms, search, AI
  2. Gilbane Advisor 6-16-21 — Ontology, KGs, NLU, no open rates
  3. Gilbane Advisor 7-21-21 — DAM scaling, quantum computing
  4. Gilbane Advisor 6-9-21 — stacks & aggregation, JavaScript for data
  5. Gilbane Advisor 11-3-21 — past metaverses, future web design
  6. Gilbane Advisor 6-23-21 — Fluid, Apple vs open web, data stacks
  7. Gilbane Advisor 6-30-21 — whose sandbox?, cloud paradox, CMOs CDOs
  8. Gilbane Advisor 6-2-21 — cookiepocalypse, query understanding
  9. Gilbane Advisor 7-14-21 — big data to big metadata
  10. Gilbane Advisor 9-22-21 — No-code, data stacks, OpenMetadata
  11. Gilbane Advisor 12-15-21 — Friending ML, CDP vs. CDW
  12. Gilbane Advisor 9-15-21 — bio neurons, neural nets, GraphQL over SPARQL
  13. Gilbane Advisor 7-7-21 — cloud vs edge, data science to knowledge science
  14. Gilbane Advisor 8-18-21 — Graph thinking, machine learning ops
  15. Gilbane Advisor 11-10-21 — Content, commerce and martech, Metabrand
  16. Gilbane Advisor 9-1-21 — Privacy-what to do? ML explained
  17. Gilbane Advisor 11-23-21 — Turkeys 🦃, smooshing, and e.coli
  18. Gilbane Advisor 8-4-21 — metaverses, DYI scrape and clean data
  19. Gilbane Advisor 10-27-21 — Taxonomies rule, localization for all
  20. Gilbane Advisor 8-25-21 — Bluesky, big data, graphs and hypergraphs

Most read issues in 2021 from previous years

  1. Gilbane Advisor 2-28-17 — digital twin, IoT, wearables, product-market fit, CX
  2. Gilbane Advisor 5-9-18 — Ad cost, engagement, consent, speech
  3. Gilbane Advisor 5-5-20 — no proof, medium hard, build it, pod-mail?
  4. Gilbane Advisor 6-3-20 — AMP life, what VR, platforms, skills
  5. Gilbane Advisor 8-23-17 — Health data computing, PWAs, blockchain & syndication, don’t “get started”
  6. Gilbane Advisor 10-7-20 — GPT-3, Qubits, AGI, Wayback
  7. Gilbane Advisor 9-26-18 — voice assistant use, blockchain martech, JS as CO2, disruption
  8. Gilbane Advisor 3-6-18 — What’s open, why decentralization, blockchain for publishing, breakthroughs
  9. Gilbane Advisor 6-4-19 — Martech metrics, B2C AR, B2B AR, machine talking
  10. Gilbane Advisor 11-11-20 — web fix, ad bubble, dev exp, cloud myths

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