Content Technology Works (CTW) is an industry initiative to develop and share content technology best practices and success stories. The premise is that when given enough proven models for success, enterprise consumers will be able to adapt and replicate that success for themselves—increasing productivity and confidence. CTW is administered by The Gilbane Report, a trusted source of high-quality information on content technologies.

CTW case studies are written by Gilbane analysts. Vendors do not approve content; final editorial control rests solely in the hands of the adopter. As a result, CTW case studies are free of marketing messages and vendor bias. They cover strategies for securing funding, measuring actual value, driving adoption and other business and organizational issues as well as technology.

Typically, the kind of valuable information included in CTW case studies is only available for purchase. CTW content is different because CTW partners subsidize the program to ensure that this information is free. Partners want to push as many best practices to as many organizations as possible with the expected result being an overall acceleration of content technology adoption. Meet our CTW program sponsors*.

Borderless Brand Management: The Philips Strategy for Global Expansion

Leonor Ciarlone & Fred Dalrymple, June 2009


Innovation3: The FICO Formula for Agile Global Expansion

Leonor Ciarlone & Mary Laplante, June 2009


Broadening Product Lifecycle Management: Club Car’s Strategy for Multilingual Product Communications

Karl Kadie & Leonor Ciarlone, December 2008


Building an Enterprise-Class System for Globalization: Autodesk’s Worldwide Initiative

Bill Trippe, February, 2007

A Major Software Company Puts Radically Improved Processes and Workflow in the Hands of its Users

Autodesk logo

The Global Customer Experience: Sun Microsystems’ Vision for the Participation Age

Leonor Ciarlone, December, 2006

Sun logo

The Reality of Web 2.0: O’Reilly Media’s SafariU Leads by Example

Leonor Ciarlone, February, 2006

This Web-based custom publishing platform changes the dynamics of textbook publishing for higher education

Siemens Medical Solutions

Bill Zoellick, December, 2005

Information Architecture as Strategic Advantage

Building a House of Brands: Whirlpool Corporation’s Blueprint for Success

Leonor Ciarlone, August, 2005

Whirlpool’s digital asset management architecture provides the enterprise pillar to protect and expand brand value

Whirlpool logo

Global Content Management: Hewlett-Packard Talks the Talk of Worldwide Business

Mary Laplante, January, 2005

HP’s digital content management initiatives optimize the delivery of product content to global markets.

HP logo

Wachovia’s CAS: Harnessing the Value of Multiple Content Repositories Across a Large Enterprise

Mark Walter, November, 2004

Wachovia provides seamless access to multiple document stores through enterprise-level content integration services.

Wachovia logo

Technology Review: Moving into the Black with On-Demand Content Management

Bill Zoellick, November, 2004

Technology Review’s online publishing operation uses an on-demand content management system to reduce costs while simultaneously simplifying editorial workflow and increasing advertising revenues.

MIT Technology Review logo

Acumen Information™: CMP’s exclusive research and intelligence service

Sebastian Holst, September, 2004

CMP Media leverages its position as one of the world’s most respected technology publishers to provide a unique online content licensing service to expand market reach, increase revenue and profitability.

CMP logo

IDX Systems Corporation: Single-source publishing and knowledge management

Sebastian Holst, August, 2004

Leading healthcare information technology supplier leverages single-source ECM initiative to provide top tier documentation, training and customer support resulting in improved product quality and customer satisfaction.

IDX logo

Avnet: Channel Connection and the Enterprise Portal

Sebastian Holst, August, 2004

Leading supplier of electronic components, embedded systems and enterprise computing products reduces costs, improves productivity, increases top line revenue and grows market share through development and adoption of web content management and portal application.

Avnet logo

Content Technology Serves its Toughest Critic: Enterprise Software Vendors

Sebastian Holst, April, 2004

Nextance and Giunti Interactive Labs have established leadership in emerging markets through savvy investments in high value development projects, thought leadership and commercial content technology

Giunti Labs logo Nextance logo

Meredith Corporation: The Creative Library

Sebastian Holst, March 30, 2004

Leading media and marketing company leverages content technology to reduce costs and increase revenue

Meredith Corp. logo

Content Technology Works Partners

Since the CTW program was first conceived in late 2003, we have sought out suppliers who were passionate about and committed to content technology as a game-changing force in the markets that they serve. Our CTW partners know that public, open and unfettered access to successful enterprise deployments, regardless of the technology mix, only benefit the commercial aspirations of organizations that offer material, dependable and predictable value. The Gilbane Report team wishes to thank these diverse and often competing organizations for their generous support and sponsorship of the development, promotion and distribution of CTW material. They are: Software AG (TECdax:SOW), Sun Microsystems (NASDAQ:SUNW), Artesia Technologies, an Open Text company (NASDAQ: OTEX), Atomz, Context Media, Convera (NASDAQ:CNVR), IBM (NYSE: IBM), ClearStory Systems (OTCBB: INCC), Trados, Vasont Systems, and Vignette (NASDAQ:VIGN).

content technology works partners