was launched in 1996 by Frank Gilbane, and is owned by Bluebill Advisors Inc. We currently publish the weekly The Gilbane Advisor newsletter.

Bluebill Advisors* was founded by Frank Gilbane in 1999 to publish the Gilbane Report, organize conferences, and provide analysis and consulting services on content technology,  content management, related disruptive information technologies, and their potential for strategic application.

We have advised hundreds of organizations representing a wide range of industries, including government and other non-profits, technology, manufacturing, publishing, financial services, investment, software, and pharmaceutical, and have helped executives responsible for a variety of functions including corporate strategy, technology, marketing, investment, product development, product support, engineering, and publishing. Our publications are read by thousands of professionals. And our Documation and Gilbane conferences in North America and Europe have been attended by thousands of global organizations.

*Bluebill Advisors operated as Gilbane Group Inc. between 2006 and 2010.