This week we have articles from Jon Udell and Ben Thompson. News comes from TransPerfect and Semantix, Datadobi, Couchbase, HubSpot, and the Apache Cassandra Project.

BTW, I don’t normally recommend anything to read that is completely behind a firewall. I do often recommend articles when the publisher offers a few free articles before restricting access.

Opinion / Analysis

A beautiful power tool to scrape, clean, and combine data

Are you someone who is not a data scientist but would love to be able to do some of your own data analysis without learning to code? Jon Udell has been looking for a way for non-technologists do this for years. He is technical himself, but often finds the effort more trouble than it’s worth. He provides an in-depth review of a product (it’s not his and there is a free version), and walks you through how he has used it. If you want some data analysis agency and don’t mind digging in to some details, this article is worth a look.


In his weekly free article Ben Thompson picks up on the fact that both Microsoft and Facebook have recently started talking about “the metaverse”. Of course their concepts of the metaverse differ in predictable ways: think Microsoft -> enterprise applications, and Facebook -> a virtual reality platform. Thomson goes deeper and provides some background on the term and its use. It is a great word, and it’s a safe bet we’ll be hearing it a lot more and used with much imagination.

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Content technology news

TransPerfect and Semantix merge

Through the acquisition of Semantix International Group AB. Semantix is Nordics’ largest provider of translation and interpretation services.

HubSpot launches CMS Hub Starter

The new content management tier joins existing Professional and Enterprise editions of CMS Hub to provide tools and features for growing companies.

Datadobi unveils Mobility Engine for unstructured data

Will leverage the company’s two products to address the complex issue of managing the volumes of unstructured data enterprises are generating.

Couchbase releases Couchbase Server 7t

New release of Couchbase Server combines the best of relational databases with the flexibility and scale of a NoSQL document database.

The Apache Cassandra Project releases Apache Cassandra v4.0

Open Source enterprise-grade Big Data distributed database for mission-critical deployments with improved performance and scale in the Cloud.

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