Elastic announced a single management interface for Elastic Enterprise Search in Kibana, updated App Search precision tuning capabilities, and content source flexibility and synonym support for Workplace Search in the 7.14 release of Elastic Enterprise Search. Elastic Enterprise Search can now be centrally managed in Kibana, the single management interface for all Elastic solutions. With this beta integration, users can access App Search and Workplace Search features with consistent, cross-platform navigation in Kibana to create new engines, tune query relevance, manage user access, and customize visualizations.

Elastic also introduced precision tuning, now in beta and available in Kibana and via the App Search API. Users can narrow or broaden their search results by adjusting precision and recall settings on their search engine with a precision tuning slider.

Elastic released new indexing flexibility to prebuilt data integrations with more configurability for content source synchronization in Workplace Search. Customers can specify which objects to synchronize or exclude when ingesting content sources, including object type, path or location, file type, and field. Synonym support is also available in Workplace Search, enabling customers to create relationships between search terms and tailor results without reindexing.