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Research, analysis, and news about enterprise search and search technologies. For older, long form reports, papers, and research on these topics see our Resources page.

Before we consolidated our blogs industry veteran Lynda Moulton authored our popular enterprise search blog. This category includes all her posts and other enterprise search news and analysis. Lynda’s loyal readers can find all of Lynda’s posts collected here.

Coveo and commercetools partner

Coveo announced that its cloud-native platform will be available in the commercetools Integration Marketplace to help provide personalized experiences for search and merchandising needs. Coveo provides the intelligence layer that enables organizations to deliver modern Ecommerce search, product recommendations, and personalization with relevant content. commercetools’ headless, API-first, multi-tenant SaaS commerce platform is cloud-native and uses microservices. The combination of the Coveo Experience Intelligence Platform and commercetools shopping features leverages modern API and microservices architectures to deliver relevant, contextual experiences powered by data that meet the expectations of modern Ecommerce buyers. Search re-orders products based on real-time customer data, delivers relevant content and integrates with any source of customer data.,

AWS announces general availability of Contact Lens for Amazon Connect

Amazon Web Services Inc. announced the general availability of Contact Lens, a set of capabilities for Amazon Connect enabled by machine learning, that gives contact centers the ability to understand the sentiment, trends, and compliance of customer conversations to improve their experience and identify crucial feedback. Amazon Connect is a cloud contact center service that helps companies of any size deliver customer service on the same technology as Amazon’s customer service.

Contact Lens capabilities are built into the Amazon Connect experience, and provides metadata (such as transcriptions, sentiment, and categorization tags) in customers’ Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) buckets in a well-defined schema. Businesses can export this information and use additional tools like Amazon QuickSight or Tableau to do further analysis and combine it with data from other sources. Contact Lens requires no technical expertise, and getting started takes just a few clicks in Amazon Connect. introduces contract intelligence solution with semantic search announced a new release of Contract Intelligence, an AI-based solution for enterprises that need to review and manage a large corpus of contracts and other legal documents. Contract Intelligence utilizes its natural language understanding (NLU) to automatically extract, classify and analyze relevant information in documents. Contract Intelligence 4.0 now incorporates semantic search to enable the search of an entire database or individual documents.

Other features in Contract Intelligence 4.0 are integration with other Business Intelligence solutions and workflow improvements. These include:

  • A dashboard to enable specialists to manage and track the review progress.
  • Task assignment for specialists to assign documents and annotation or review tasks to individual subject matter experts.
  • Built-in OCR capabilities to detect scanned pdf files and convert them into machine-readable files capable of being annotated.
  • Sophisticated table extraction to parse and extract information from tables regardless of the row/column format in the PDF document.
  • Active assistance that includes inline messages pop up to guide users when creating new annotations. Contract Intelligence is available immediately as a stand-alone application or can be integrated into a workflow through the use of REST APIs. The product can be delivered on-premises, in a private cloud or a public cloud. also is partnering with integration partners and other product solution vendors. The solution is licensed on an annual basis and includes maintenance and support.

Obie launches Browser extension to accelerate sharing of workplace documents

Obie announced the launch of its new browser extension to democratize access to Obie’s core search, access, and knowledge sharing functionality. They also launched Personal Pro and Personal Free plans that decouple Obie’s search functionality from Slack for the first time to expand availability for individuals and remote teams. Obie uses natural language processing (NLP) to understand complex queries, as well as machine learning (ML) to improve results with every document search. Users can also manually add “FAQs” to store templates, text snippets, and frequently accessed information by simply highlighting the information in their browser and adding it to Obie.

Elastic announces enhanced capabilities to derive insights from data

Elastic announced new capabilities across its Elastic Enterprise Search, Observability, and Security solutions, helping customers consume Elastic services more intuitively, onboard more data, and gain deeper analysis and insights from that data. Additionally, Elastic users benefit from new, enhanced capabilities in Elastic Cloud, which is now available in 35 regions and offers easier purchasing options across all major public cloud providers.

Updates to Enterprise Search include:

  • Enterprise authentication mechanisms integrated with document-level authorization, bringing both SAML-based and document-level authentication for a frictionless, secure, personalized, and scalable search experience.
  • Configurable documents view in App Search to keep tabs on ingested data for more dynamic interactions with that data by searching, sorting, and filtering the content as it’s ingested, directly inside the App Search console without having to switch between screens.

Other updates across the Elastic solutions include:

  • Launching a new Kibana user experience that delivers enhanced navigation, dashboard drill-downs, and visualizations
  • Expanding visibility with new Google Cloud Stackdriver integration, certificate monitoring capabilities, and service map health insights using machine learning
  • Streamlining security workflows and reducing context switching with new Atlassian Jira integration, interactive aggregation charts, and new Filebeat modules.

Read the blog to learn more about Elastic Stack 7.8:


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