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Before we consolidated our blogs, industry veteran Lynda Moulton authored our popular enterprise search blog. This category includes all her posts and other enterprise search news and analysis. Lynda’s loyal readers can find all of Lynda’s posts collected here.

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Semantic Web Company and WAND Inc. announce partnership

WAND, Inc. announced a new partnership with Semantic Web Company. This partnership will blend the offerings of Semantic Web’s taxonomy management system with WAND’s taxonomies to accelerate client time to delivery. PoolParty opens up the use of WAND’s domain taxonomies to jump-start enterprise search, text analytics, business intelligence, artificial intelligence, knowledge graphs, and sentiment analysis. Based on a solid taxonomy, customers can invest more time and effort in customizing and thus fine-tuning their Knowledge Graph applications. The benefits of this new partnership include:

  • Informing A.I. Engines with a curated knowledge model
  • Speeding up time to delivery for projects
  • An extensibility to all domains of knowledge
  • Bundled pricing of WAND Taxonomies and PoolParty license


Yext launches program to bring AI search to startups

To be eligible for the program, startup companies must be under five years old with less than $5 million of funding. Once accepted, they will receive credits valuing $35,000 to build Yext-powered AI search experiences, whether that is consolidating their information into a knowledge graph, integrating search into their own web experiences, or building SEO-friendly landing pages.

Regardless of the experience they choose to build, startups in the program will have access to all of the technology they need to get started, including unlimited data storage, Yext’s application programming interface (API), software development kit (SDK), learning management system (LMS), and more. Additionally, members will become part of Yext’s startup community, which offers networking opportunities with founders, events in the form of workshops and webinars, and dedicated product specialists for support. To introduce more startups to the new program, Yext is working in tandem with more than 20 program partners, including Zendesk, Hubspot, Sequoia, Primary VC, and Betaworks.

Eligible startups can use the code Yext<3sStartups, valid until March 31, 2022, on the application page to get started with scaling their digital presence and engagement with Yext.

Searchspring launches ecommerce accelerator

Searchspring, a provider of site search, merchandising and personalization, is supporting entrepreneurship through the rollout of two initiatives: discounted access to ecommerce technology for certified minority- and women-owned business enterprises (MWBEs) and accepting applications for a new Searchspring Ecommerce Accelerator program.

Designed to support the growth of pre-revenue and early-stage ecommerce companies, the Searchspring Ecommerce Accelerator helps brands with the technical capabilities required to become competitive. The program focuses on driving improved online-shopping experiences, greater conversion, increased satisfaction, and customer lifetime value. Searchspring supports the ecommerce sites of hundreds of established retailers – in being accepted into the Searchspring Ecommerce Accelerator, participating brands will enjoy the same search, category merchandising and personalization platform, at a fraction of the cost. The program includes:

  • Discounted access to the search, merchandising and personalization platform for 12 months
  • White-glove implementation with a dedicated onboarding specialist and account manager
  • Quarterly Accelerator meet-ups focused on trending ecommerce topics
  • Access to exclusive content and best practices via the Searchspring Academy.

Visit the Searchspring website to learn about the Ecommerce Accelerator program. MWBEs interested in gaining discounted access to Searchspring technology should contact the Searchspring sales team to begin the conversation.

Elastic releases Elastic 8.0

Elastic announced the general availability of Elastic 8.0 with enhancements across the Elastic Search Platform and its Enterprise Search, Observability, and Security solutions. Updates include native vector search, native support for modern natural language processing models, simplified data onboarding, and a streamlined security experience.

Native support for natural language processing (NLP) enables the use of custom or third-party PyTorch machine learning models directly in Elasticsearch. The addition of native NLP support with vector search enables users to perform inference within Elasticsearch, resulting in faster and more relevant search results. Customers can now leverage enhanced vector search capabilities, including native support for approximate nearest neighbor (ANN) search, to quickly perform queries on enormous data sets such as documents, images, and audio files.

Elastic native vector search extends technology commonly associated with searching for image and text content into the world of business data. Organizations can use vector search with NLP support to deliver faster, more relevant customer support information, improve shopping experiences, and enhance search accessibility by providing unique audio and visual search results. A simplified Elastic Cloud on AWS onboarding experience includes new integrations to speed data ingestion, including the new Elastic Serverless Forwarder.

Access Innovations launches Data Harmony Hub for automated content classification and semantic metadata enrichment

Access Innovations, Inc. announced the launch of Data Harmony Hub, a cloud-based platform that provides fully automated content tagging using expertly curated taxonomies. Users can easily and quickly select from a variety of existing taxonomies that are continuously maintained and updated. Data Harmony Hub is a managed service allowing organizations that need their content to be tagged to improve search for their users, to provide better insight into their digital assets, to identify new revenue streams, and to greatly reduce risk and compliance issues.

The Data Harmony Hub is the result of working with Access Innovations’ clients over many years to understand their goal to integrate a tagging and semantic enrichment process into their workflow. The low-code integration allows organizations to easily connect their content management system or document store to Data Harmony Hub. Once integrated, the managed service works behind the scenes 24/7 to improve the findability and discoverability of content.

dtSearch updates product line

dtSearch announced a new version, 2101.02, of its product line to instantly search for terabytes of online and offline data, spanning multiple folders, emails including attachments and nested attachments, online data and other databases. The product line covers enterprise and developer applications. The developer SDKs also make available dtSearch’s document filters. Developer applications can run “on premises” or in a cloud environment like Azure or AWS. The new version includes:

  • Windows 11, Windows Server 2022, and .NET 6 added as supported platform/environments 
  • Apple silicon M1/ARM developer build for the dtSearch Engine for macOS 
  • Multithreaded 64-bit indexer preview feature for much faster indexing on multicore Windows and Linux systems 
  • Search dialog box improvements for handling large numbers of indexes 
  • Support for the new 64-bit versions of Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader for end-user PDF display with highlighted hits 
  • Addition of Korean Hancom Office HWPX to dtSearch document filters

Nosto acquires SearchNode, adds ecommerce Search to CX

Nosto, an AI-powered commerce experience platform, announced it had acquired SearchNode, a global cloud-based ecommerce search technology company. This transaction marks the second acquisition for Nosto, after completing the acquisition of Stackla Visual UGC in May 2021. The strategic acquisition of SearchNode’s search technology will allow Nosto clients to implement site-wide personalization, merchandising, segmentation, and testing strategies natively to optimize the entire shopping journey.

With the addition of Visual UGC and Search integrated into the core of the Nosto Commerce Experience Platform, Nosto offers retailers a complete range of commerce experience optimization capabilities within a single, unified platform. The terms and conditions of the acquisition, subject to regulatory and other approvals and conditions, were not disclosed. ▪︎

Jina AI raises $30 million to scale open-source neural search ecosystem

Jina AI, an open-source neural search company, announced $30 million in Series A financing from Canaan Partners, Mango Capital, GGV Capital, SAP.iO, and Yunqi Partners. The company, founded in February 2020, previously raised $39 million in total. With Jina AI’s core project, which is being built in the open on GitHub, users can create a cloud-native neural search solution with deep learning in a matter of hours. The company recently released another product called Finetuner, which lets users tune a neural search system for unique needs.

Jina AI has a developer community over 1,000, and adoption of its framework, enabling neural search applications for use cases as diverse as 3D assets for gaming content production, images on e-commerce sites and a Q&A chatbot that understands hybrid queries. Many applications built on top of Jina do not have (or need) a classic search box. For example:

  • One video game developer embeds Jina in the right-click menu of their 3D game editor, helping game developers auto-fill game assets for the current scene.
  • Another European legal-tech startup uses Jina to enable a question-answering experience on their millions of PDF documents, enabling them to pinpoint the crucial facts and terms via chatbot.

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