The company’s Version 5.12, brings together a range of components that essentially creates what officials called a “step over the threshold” from Datadobi’s DobiMigrate — a data migration solution — and DobiProtect (data protection) and into a complete data mobility engine that can address the scale and challenges inherent in large storage environments. The goal of the vendor-neutral data mobility engine is to give enterprises the means for managing unstructured data including images, videos, audio, emails, texts, social media content, spreadsheets, streaming data, and data from Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Databobi engineers reworked the file access layer, enabling the engine’s NFS and SMB file access layers to focus on data copying and file system integrity verification in both the data center and the cloud, which tend to house products from myriad vendors. They used low-level optimizations in the NFS and SMB stack to drive more efficient data and metadata processing through pipelining of the protocol communication and parallelizing file access workloads across multiple servers. The engine comes with what the company dubs its Integrity Enforcement Technology layer, a chain-of-custody technology that makes vendor-neutral data mobility more reliable and improves the preservation of data and metadata integrity. Enterprise Storage Forum)