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Altova updates MissionKit, includes XBRL Taxonomy Manager

Altova announced the release of Version 2021 of its MissionKit desktop developer tools and server software. This new version includes numerous new features and improvements, including a new XBRL Taxonomy Manager that provides easy, centralized taxonomy installation and management across all XBRL-enabled products; data mapping for SWIFT messages; improvements for editing in JSON Grid View; attaching files to PDF during report generation; and more. In version 2021 Altova MapForce now also supports mapping SWIFT data to or from any other MapForce-supported format, including databases, XML, JSON, other EDI formats.

Some additional new features:

  • JSON Grid View was introduced in XMLSpy last year, and in this latest release has undergone some significant updates and enhancements. Some of the improvements for editing in JSON Grid View in XMLSpy include new entry helpers, additional copy/paste options, mouse-over tool tips, easy options for working with very large files, and more.
  • While MapForce has long supported conversion of EDI messages to XML by graphically mapping EDI fields to a target XML Schema, Version 2021 takes this capability further. In response to numerous customer requests, one-click conversion of EDI to XML in MapForce without the need for loading a target XSD or mapping fields is now a reality.
  • Customers often request the ability to attach files to a PDF during report generation in StyleVision. Examples include high-resolution images, source files, other document formats such as .docx, and so on. StyleVision 2021 now makes this possible.

Infosys to acquire Blue Acorn iCi

Infosys announced a definitive agreement to acquire Blue Acorn iCi, Adobe Platinum partner in the US, focused on digital customer experience, commerce and analytics. Blue Acorn iCi brings to Infosys cross-technology capabilities through the convergence of customer experience, digital commerce, analytics, and experience driven commerce services. With services that include strategy, analytics, design, and engineering, Blue Acorn iCi serves global brands across industries from Media, Consumer Goods & Retail, to Financial Services, Manufacturing and Technology. Together with Infosys’ earlier acquisition of WONGDOODY that offers creative and marketing services, BlueAcorn iCi brings complimentary capabilities to help global CMOs and businesses thrive in a digital commerce world. This acquisition deepens Infosys’ capabilities in the Adobe, Magento, Salesforce Commerce and Shopify ecosystems. The acquisition is expected to close during the third quarter of fiscal 2021, subject to customary closing conditions.,

Alfresco launches Alfresco Process Automation

Alfresco Software, an open source, content management platform and solutions provider, announced the availability of Alfresco Process Automation, an offering that enables organizations to build content-centric process applications in the Cloud. Alfresco Process Automation is a core part of Alfresco’s Digital Business Platform as a Service (DBPaaS). Business applications are often built for a specific need or to solve a discrete task, however these applications can create silos of important information that ultimately become barriers to change, obstructing innovation and organizational growth. Alfresco Process Automation enables the building of content-centric applications that enable teams to work more effectively together, share important information, improve knowledge, better manage collaborative processes and projects, and respond to opportunities.

As part of Alfresco’s DBPaaS, Alfresco Process Automation offers organizations open, secure content services coupled with governance services leverages a range of Cloud native capabilities such as AI, ML, recognition & business Intelligence services. It provides auditable and compliant visibility of content throughout workflows from creation to policy-controlled destruction.

Nuance and Microsoft announce the integration of Dragon Ambient eXperience and Microsoft Teams for virtual telehealth

Nuance Communications Inc. and Microsoft Corp. announced Nuance Dragon Ambient eXperience (DAX), an ambient clinical intelligence (ACI) solution, is now integrated into Microsoft Teams to broadly scale virtual consults aimed at increasing physician wellness and providing better patient health outcomes. As a Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare partner and part of a broader partnership between the two companies, the integration enables physicians to activate Nuance DAX from within their Microsoft Teams workflows, so they can focus on the patient while the AI securely captures the details of the virtual visit in context — creating clinical documentation that writes itself. This telehealth workflow solution built on Microsoft Teams:

  • Synthesizes physician-patient conversations during virtual visits through Microsoft Teams, allowing physicians to remain focused on the patient instead of taking notes on the computer.
  • Incorporates patient data securely with contextual information from the electronic health record (EHR) to auto-populate a complete and accurate clinical note for physicians to review directly within the patient’s medical record. The physician always remains in control.

Alfresco announces updated Content Connector for Salesforce

Alfresco Software announced the immediate availability of its newest Alfresco Content Connector for Salesforce, a collaboration and integration tool that incorporates the capabilities of Alfresco Content Services within The connector provides unified search, more efficient collaboration and automated processes, all of which increases user productivity and enables an organization’s important information to flow more efficiently to the right person.

Alfresco developed an innovative ‘Recommended Content’ feature within its Content Connector for Salesforce that automatically serves up relevant, curated information for the salesperson. This latest version of Alfresco’s Content Connector for Salesforce, comprises several new features including seamless Single Sign On (SSO) that allows users, who are already signed into Salesforce, to directly access Alfresco Content Services. Other features include powerful search, support for standard and custom Salesforce objects, compatibility with Classic and Lightning experiences, and synchronization of Salesforce record properties to the Alfresco repository.

Gilbane Advisor 9-9-20 —, AI ops, IT arch, NLP

Who benefits from schema. org?, linked data, and knowledge graphs are powerful tools for organizing and navigating vast amounts of information. Much of the current energy around these tools is related to SEO and search engines, especially Google, who depend on them to provide a better search experience. These same tools help commercial and corporate publishers deliver better, and more unique, web experiences to researchers and other content consumers.

We all have a stake in how well these tools work, so we need to understand the process of creating and managing them, and how stakeholders share the cost, risk, and benefit of the raw material, technical development, and maintenance. logo

Content strategist Michael Andrews‘ deep dive into the history and process behind’s management is an enlightening read for stakeholders.

Taming the tail: adventures in improving AI economics

Martin Casado and Matt Bornstein focus on the business models and challenges of machine learning companies and products, which are more unique than you might realize and something we need to learn a lot more about. We recommended an earlier article of theirs on the differences between the business models of AI companies and software companies. This article is a follow-up and provides some guidance on how to deal with some of the challenges previously identified. Especially interesting is their example of long-tailed distributions to illustrate the importance problem understanding. 

Headless meets serverless – a tierless architecture for frictionless enterprise

The components of modern enterprise IT architectures have changed considerably in the last few years.  The use of APIs, microservices, XaaS (everything as a service), headless, and serverless approaches have, individually and especially in conjunction, become strategically critical. As Phil Wainewright puts it…

As these connected digital technologies mesh together, they begin to reshape the nature of the enterprise, opening up new ways to collaborate, connect and do business. We are still at the very beginning of adjusting to what this means for how we live and work.

Wainewright explains what these technologies are, describes related activity and trends, and makes a case for a tierless model. His article is relevant and will be helpful to both IT and business managers.

The field of natural language processing is chasing the wrong goal

Researchers are too focused on whether AI systems can ace tests of dubious value. They should be testing whether systems grasp how the world works.


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Nuxeo updates Salesforce Connector for Content Management

Nuxeo announced that their updated Salesforce Connector for Content Management enables tighter integration with Salesforce with support for its new Lightning Experience. The integration ensures that appropriate information is available to any authorized Salesforce user, while behind the scenes, this content remains securely managed by Nuxeo. These users are able to fully interact with this content without switching between apps, including viewing, editing, and adding new documents. The Nuxeo Salesforce Connector exposes a wide range of Nuxeo content services. Users can quickly access content in the context of a Salesforce object, either by linking a Salesforce object to a Nuxeo folder or by linking the object to a configurable query. Salesforce users can also execute global searches across the Nuxeo repository and federated content sources to access additional content and other customer information, like emails, SMS messages, and social media content.

EPAM acquires Ricston Ltd.

EPAM Systems, Inc., a global provider of digital platform engineering and software development services, announced its acquisition of Ricston Ltd., with offices in the UK, Malta and Spain. Ricston adds to EPAM‘s expertise in integration and connectivity — specifically in microservices and APIs. This acquisition complements EPAM‘s technology consulting practice and enhances its capabilities in API and microservices, as well as adding an integral component to the company’s growing Salesforce practice. Ricston provides a variety of services to be able to help across the full cycle of digital transformation including legacy modernization, software integration, Open API and Centre for Enablement (C4E). They also provide training and operations for the Anypoint Platform as well as a dedicated team that builds connectors.

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