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DataStax acquires Langflow

DataStax announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire AI startup, Logspace, the creators of Langflow, an open source visual framework for building retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) applications.

Langflow makes it easier and faster for any developer, experienced or new, to build Generative AI applications using Python-based composable building blocks and pre-built components, which can be combined in numerous ways. With its easy-to-use, drag-and-drop visual environment and rapid iteration of data flows, Langflow makes it simpler for any developer to build LangChain-based RAG applications and deploy in one-click. 

Developers benefit from a rich ecosystem that builds, shares, and reuses components with each other in the Langflow Store–a place to publish and search for components built by the community. With this, they can quickly test, reuse, and share flows to iterate on RAG applications with fine-grained control to dramatically speed up deployment and reduce hallucinations. 

The combination of Langflow and DataStax creates a one-stop Generative AI application stack offering flexible deployment options, including integration with DataStax Astra DB, alongside a rich ecosystem of Python libraries, and integration with partners like LangChain. The Langflow team will operate independently, focusing on project innovation and community collaboration.

Adobe and Microsoft partner on GenAI for marketers

Adobe and Microsoft announced plans to bring Adobe Experience Cloud workflows and insights to Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365 to help marketers overcome application and data silos and manage workflows. The integration bring marketing insights and workflows from Adobe Experience Cloud applications and Microsoft Dynamics 365 to Microsoft Copilot, assisting marketers as they work in tools such as Outlook, Microsoft Teams and Word to develop creative briefs, create content, and manage content approvals. Initial capabilities will focus on:

  • Strategic insights in the flow of work: Campaign insights from Adobe Experience Cloud applications such as Adobe Customer Journey Analytics and Adobe Workfront, combined with Dynamics 365, the Copilot for Microsoft 365 experience helps marketers get quick insights and updates in Outlook, Teams and Word. Marketers can ask questions to get the status of a marketing project, understand campaign effectiveness, outstanding approvals, and actions to take.
  • Create campaign briefs, presentations, website updates and emails with relevant context: Marketers can also create imagery with Adobe Firefly generative AI and create content in Word that gets published directly to channels such as web and mobile.

Clarifai and Deepgram announce partnership

Clarifai, an AI platform provider, announced a strategic partnership with Deepgram, a vendor of automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology. This strategic alliance combines Deepgram’s speech-to-text models with Clarifai’s platform for building and deploying AI. It offers developers, teams, and organizations a fast way to build AI applications with voice.

The partnership focuses on Deepgram’s speech-to-text technology, known for its high accuracy and adaptability across various industries, with Clarifai’s AI platform, that simplifies the process of creating and deploying Large Language Models (LLMs), data labeling, and modeling unstructured image, video, text, and audio data. By integrating Deepgram’s expertise into the Clarifai platform, developers can now harness the power of accurate speech recognition, opening new possibilities for voice-driven AI applications.

Box integrates with Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service

Box, Inc., a Content Cloud, announced a new integration with Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service to bring its advanced large language models to Box AI. The integration of Azure OpenAI Service enables Box customers to benefit from the advanced AI models, while bringing Box and Microsoft’s enterprise standards for security, privacy, and compliance to this technology.  

Guided by its AI Principles, Box has built Box AI on the company’s platform-neutral framework, allowing it to connect with today’s large language models. By integrating with Azure OpenAI Service, Box is applying advanced intelligence models to its Content Cloud to advance enterprise-grade AI. Microsoft and Box already help customers meet strict compliance requirements like FINRA, GxP, and FedRAMP. With today’s announcement, they will also empower organizations across highly-regulated industries to leverage AI for new use cases.

Box AI, including the integration with Azure OpenAI Service, is generally available today, and is included in all Enterprise Plus plans, with individual users having access to 20 queries per month and 2,000 additional queries available on a company level.

IBM announces availability of open-source Mistral AI Model on watsonx 

IBM announced the availability of the popular open-source Mixtral-8x7B large language model (LLM), developed by Mistral AI, on its watsonx AI and data platform, as it continues to expand capabilities to help clients innovate with IBM’s own foundation models and those from a range of open-source providers.

The addition of Mixtral-8x7B expands IBM’s open, multi-model strategy to meet clients where they are and give them choice and flexibility to scale enterprise AI solutions across their businesses.

Mixtral-8x7B was built using a combination of Sparse modeling — a technique that finds and uses only the most essential parts of data to create more efficient models — and the Mixture-of-Experts technique, which combines different models (“experts”) that specialize in and solve different parts of a problem. The Mixtral-8x7B model is widely known for its ability to rapidly process and analyze vast amounts of data to provide context-relevant insights.

This week, IBM also announced the availability of ELYZA-japanese-Llama-2-7b, a Japanese LLM model open-sourced by ELYZA Corporation, on watsonx. IBM also offers Meta’s open-source models Llama-2-13B-chat and Llama-2-70B-chat and other third-party models on watsonx.,-Expands-Model-Choice-to-Help-Enterprises-Scale-AI-with-Trust-and-Flexibility

DataStax and LlamaIndex partner to make building RAG applications easier

DataStax announced its retrieval augmented generation (RAG) solution, RAGStack, is now generally available powered by LlamaIndex as an open source framework, in addition to LangChain. DataStax RAGStack for LlamaIndex also supports an integration (currently in public preview) with LlamaIndex’s LlamaParse, which gives developers using Astra DB an API to parse and transform complex PDFs into vectors in minutes. 

LlamaIndex is a framework for ingesting, indexing, and querying data for building generative AI applications and addresses the ingestion pipelines needed for enterprise-ready RAG. LlamaParse is LlamaIndex’s new offering that targets enterprise developers building RAG over complex PDFs; it enables clean extraction of tables by running recursive retrieval, promising more accurate parsing of the complex documents often found in business.

RAGStack with LlamaIndex offers a solution tailored to address the challenges encountered by enterprise developers in implementing RAG solutions. Benefits include a curated Python distribution available on PyPI for integration with Astra DB, DataStax Enterprise (DSE), and Apache Cassandra, and a live RAGStack test matrix and GenAI app templates.

Users can use LlamaIndex alone, or in combination with LangChain and their ecosystem including LangServe, LangChain Templates, and LangSmith.

Acquia enhances brand management capabilities

Acquia announced new integrations for its digital asset management solution, Acquia DAM, that expand its brand management capabilities. These integrations — with Acquia Campaign Studio, Adobe Stock, and Google Translate reduce the complexity of maintaining a consistent brand experience across digital channels.

Acquia DAM is now integrated with Acquia Campaign Studio, the company’s marketing automation solution. The integration leverages Acquia’s instant search connector tool, so once a user is authenticated in the DAM connector within Campaign Studio, they can search, view, and select the asset of their choice within Campaign Studio’s email and landing page builders. Pictures in email and landing page builders dynamically change when updated in Acquia DAM.

An Adobe Stock integration automatically syncs a customer’s newly licensed Adobe Stock assets with Acquia DAM, bringing in essential metadata and offering smoother workflows. Creative pros can choose which types of Adobe Stock assets to monitor and sync, and the integration handles file copying and categorization in Acquia DAM. Customers can now use Google Translate to automatically translate text from selected metadata fields within Acquia DAM. The DAM automatically repopulates these fields with translated content in up to 20 languages.

Grammarly announces general availability of App Actions

Grammarly announced the general availability of its app actions feature for all business, individual, and education customers. App actions enable customers to complete actions in popular third-party applications wherever writing with Grammarly is happening, making it easier to get work done without wasting time switching between tools, so teams stay focused and efficient. 

Grammarly is able to provide a connective layer across apps and workflows because it works where people do, on over 500,000 apps and websites. With app actions, customers can: 

  • Find, link to, or create new tasks to manage work in Asana, Atlassian Jira,, Smartsheet, and Wrike
  • Find and link to a file or page in Atlassian Confluence, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and Microsoft SharePoint
  • Reference, link to, or create a new contact in HubSpot
  • Access, format, and share links to schedule meetings via Calendly
  • Find and insert animations and images from GIPHY and Unsplash

The app actions feature maintains all of Grammarly’s enterprise-grade security and privacy practices and commitment to responsible AI. All app actions are available today for all Grammarly Business, Premium, and Education customers, and Grammarly Free users benefit from connections to GIPHY and Unsplash.

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