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Ontotext Platform 3.4 brings better search and aggregation in knowledge graphs

Ontotext announced Ontotext Platform 3.4 for better search and aggregation in knowledge graphs. Key to the Ontotext Platform is the declarative approach for access and management of large-scale knowledge graphs (KG). This allows engineering teams to define specific GraphQL interfaces to read and write data over parts of a knowledge graph and let the Platform implement an efficient translation of GraphQL to SPARQL.

Ontotext Platform 3.4 combines GraphDB, Elasticsearch and GraphQL by enabling the definition, automatic synchronization and querying of indices to boost the performance of specific queries. The Workbench front-end tool of the Platform features a new generic search interface for KG exploration and navigation. The new version of the Semantic Object service delivers better performance to execute big and data-intensive GraphQL queries on top of GraphDB.

The new Semantic Search Service enables software engineers to easily accomplish some of the capabilities over a knowledge graph that are most required by SMEs such as Full-text Search (FTS), Auto-complete/typeahead (related concepts and controlled vocabulary), Auto-suggest (related keywords and phrases), Faceted search, complex dashboards using different statistical and/or bucket aggregations, etc. The provided GraphQL endpoint will enable users not only to search in the data but also to retrieve the data for the result list directly from Elasticsearch.

Software AG updates webMethods platform for APIs

Software AG announced new innovations of its webMethods platform for APIs, Integration and Microservices. With this release, companies can simplify and accelerate their digital transformation initiatives while also speeding their adoption of cloud. The latest updates to webMethods include:

  • To simplify cloud adoption, Software AG has added AI and ML-assisted smart mapping. Now users are given suggested mappings based on the combined best practices across the platform, reducing the effort of building integrations.
  • A new online community gives partners and users the opportunity to share cloud connectors as well as integration templates, or “recipes,” to build their projects faster and with fewer errors.
  • Democratize and speed development and integration of data and services for use in applications with a new graphical flow editor for power users, as well as a drag and drop UI for business users (multi-persona interface).
  • Enhancements to develop productivity with improved DevOps capabilities including open APIs for all API Management and Microservices deployment functionality, containerized runtimes, helm charts, and CI/CD samples to simplify update rollout.
  • Eliminate the complexity of managing business application with webMethods AppMesh that ties together its API Management and Microservices platforms to bring application-level visibility and control.

IOS Press relaunches LD Connect

IOS Press, an international publisher providing content and services for scientific, technical, and medical (STM) communities, announced the relaunch of the renewed LD Connect (Linked Data Connect) website. Providing publicly available linked machine-readable metadata from all IOS Press journals and books, LD Connect has been completely rebuilt and rebranded. Located at, it features enhanced browse and semantic search capabilities, expanded data, and new tools. It also constructs artificial intelligence (AI)-powered embeddings derived from all full text data, further unsiloing research data and enriching contextual relationships.

By enriching and fostering the interlinking of data, contextual relationships among authors, institutions, and research areas can be visualized and interpreted and new relationships uncovered. LD Connect builds a knowledge graph using links between the data known as “triples” in the form of subject-predicate-object expressions. Constructed from metadata from all IOS Press content, the portal currently contains about 16 million triples that provide a complete ecosystem of IOS Press scholarly relationships. Affiliations are geocoded and authors as well as affiliations are disambiguated using a co-reference resolution script.

LD Connect lets users explore its knowledge graph by browsing or using expert level semantic search. In addition, the complete dataset, its subsets, and additional technical details can be explored and downloaded. The LD Connect team seeks collaboration with other datasets and parties and welcomes feedback and suggestions. ▪︎

Informatica brings Intelligent Data Management to Google Cloud

Informatica announced the availability of Informatica’s Cloud Data Integration Elastic (CDI-E) on Google Cloud. This enables organizations to reach greater productivity and scale. The company also announced new enhancements to Cloud Mass Ingestion, and API Management on Google Cloud as it unveils the new Intelligent Data Management Cloud. New capabilities on Google Cloud:

  • Quickly build and deploy data integration pipelines with Informatica Cloud Data Integration-Elastic (CDI-E): Customers can now process very large data engineering workloads elastically via Informatica’s Intelligent Data Management Cloud on Google Cloud using Informatica’s codeless, visual, data ingestion and transformation user experience.
  • Simplify large-scale data ingestion from on-premises to Google Cloud with Informatica Cloud Mass Ingestion (CMI) Service: Informatica CMI provides a wizard to ingest and replicate large amounts of data into Google Cloud from on-premises sources such as Oracle, SQL/MySQL, Teradata, Netezza, and DB2 and others. CMI supports Google Pub/Sub Model as both a source and target while supporting schema drift and ingesting streaming and IoT data for real-time analytics.
  • Modernize your data, API, and application integration on Google Cloud with Informatica API Manager: Throughout the development, management, or deprecation of API’s, API Manager is designed to orchestrate complex hybrid multi-cloud systems automatically keeping track of changing capabilities and integrations with any external system.

Claravine introduces The Data Standards Cloud

Claravine announced The Data Standards Cloud, allowing data owners and data engineers to be able to deliver on enterprise data standards. No longer do teams need to rely solely on their data pipelines to be responsible for making sense of data. Too many teams rely on spreadsheets and ETL in an attempt to achieve data quality, which means there is no global data standard. Organizations can leverage Claravine to manage their data standards and create data integrity globally, providing consistent and quality information to optimize business outcomes.

After launching a partnership with Adobe and an integration into Adobe Experience Manager to control content data standards, Claravine now partners with the mobile measurement and deep linking platform, Branch, to bring data standardization to mobile and enable the enterprise to create, deliver and optimize mobile experiences. The Claravine and Branch integration helps mobile marketers and data teams align on the data requirements for cross-screen experiences and ensure all data is defined and connected so customer experiences work. The marketing tactics that once worked in mobile are changing with the Apple IDFA changes. As these transformations occur, Claravine’s Data Standards Cloud can provide a way for data strategies to move into the cloud for a dynamic view of data.

Fractal offers AI software on AWS

Fractal announced general availability of Fractal’s artificial intelligence (AI) solutions:, Concordia, and Foresient – on Amazon Web Services (AWS). With this announcement, Fractal strengthens its Cloud AI strategy to allow businesses to accelerate digital transformation using AI and analytics on the cloud. AWS’ infrastructure provides access to compute, storage & services resources that will allow Fractal’s solutions to churn & process huge data sets faster, enabling rapid deployments with high availability.

  • – an augmented analytics platform that uses AI to reduce friction between business users and their data, helping accelerate the consumption of data and analytics.
  • Concordia – a scalable machine learning-based data unification and harmonization platform specially designed to handle large volume and complexity of data.
  • Foresient is Fractal’s AI empowered platform to forecast at high accuracy, scale and speed.

While running on AWS, clients will benefit from scalability, faster time to execution, strong technical support & high availability features. Additionally, AWS offers connectivity with high- performance cloud data warehouses like Amazon Redshift.

Microsoft acquires Nuance

Microsoft Corp and Nuance Communications, Inc. announced they have entered into a definitive agreement under which Microsoft will acquire Nuance for an all-cash transaction valued at $19.7 billion, inclusive of Nuance’s net debt. Mark Benjamin will remain CEO of Nuance, reporting to Scott Guthrie, executive vice president of Cloud & AI at Microsoft. The transaction is intended to close this calendar year.

Nuance is a provider of conversational AI and cloud-based ambient clinical intelligence for healthcare providers. Nuance’s products include the Dragon Ambient eXperience, Dragon Medical One and PowerScribe One for radiology reporting, all clinical speech recognition SaaS offerings built on Microsoft Azure. Nuance’s solutions work with core healthcare systems, including longstanding relationships with Electronic Health Records (EHRs), to alleviate the burden of clinical documentation and help providers deliver better patient experiences.

Microsoft’s acquisition of Nuance builds upon an existing partnership announced in 2019. By augmenting the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare with Nuance’s solutions Microsoft will be better able to empower healthcare providers through ambient clinical intelligence and other Microsoft cloud services. Beyond healthcare, Nuance provides AI expertise and customer engagement solutions across Interactive Voice Response (IVR), virtual assistants, and digital and biometric solutions to companies in all industries. This expertise will come together with Microsoft’s cloud, including Azure, Teams, and Dynamics 365, to deliver next-generation customer engagement and security solutions. ▪︎

Elastic and Confluent to enhance Kafka and Elasticsearch experience

Elastic announced an expanded strategic partnership with Confluent, Inc. to deliver the best integrated product experience to the Apache Kafka and Elasticsearch community. Through this alliance, Elastic and Confluent will enhance existing product integrations and jointly develop new capabilities to help users easily combine the benefits of the Elastic Stack and Kafka. Elastic and Confluent plan further enhancements to the product experience for users by:

  • Strengthening the native integration between Elastic Cloud and Confluent Cloud
  • Enriching the Elasticsearch Service Sink Connector in Confluent
  • Developing packaged joint solutions for specific use cases
  • Introducing easier ways to output data from Kafka in an Elastic Common Schema

Elastic has long provided native support for Kafka to help centralized logging and monitoring customers monitor the health and performance of their Kafka pipelines in Elasticsearch. In addition, users have the choice of a jointly built and fully managed Elasticsearch Service Sink Connector in Confluent Cloud that eliminates the need for customers to take on the difficult task of managing their own Kafka clusters. This gives organizations the ability to seamlessly stream data moving through Kafka into Elasticsearch on all major cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

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