This week we have articles from Francois Brill, and Ethan Zuckerman. News comes from Neeva and NewsGuard, Acquia, Adobe, Franz, and Progress.

Opinion / Analysis

The start of a new era for responsive web design

In today’s terms, when we say Responsive Design, we think of a page that adapts its layout to the overall browser, screen size and the limitations projected onto the entire layout. We use media queries to change the whole page layout as we resize the design from a desktop to a mobile size… Very soon, using this approach to Responsive Design, might be considered as outdated as using tables for page layout — like we did in the ’90s.

Francois Brill explains why it’s time to start planning for the user experience improvements possible with new capabilities coming to CSS, such as user-preference queries, container styles, and container queries. These will take responsive design to a new level. While not ready for prime time, designers can see and experiment with current versions of these.

The metaverse was lame even before Facebook

“It was terrible then, and it’s terrible now.” Ethan Zuckerman is far from the only critic of Facebook’s metaverse pivot but his critique may be the most comprehensive and enjoyable read. There is more metaverse history than you think and the technology is still harder and further away than most realize.

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Content technology news

Neeva’s search engine will deliver NewsGuard’s labels – credible and transparent news assessments in search results.

Acquia builds out Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

Drupal Cloud and Marketing Cloud updates make it easier to launch new websites, applications and marketing campaigns with modular components.

Adobe announced the next generation of Creative Cloud

Updates across Creative Cloud apps, addition of and advanced 3D and immersive authoring abilities, collaboration capabilities, more.

Franz releases AllegroGraph 7.2

Provides Data Fabric tools, including Graph Neural Networks, Graph Virtualization, Apache Spark graph analytics & streaming graph pipelines.

Progress releases MOVEit 2021.1

With improved levels of, resilience, scalability, usability and support for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) compliance.

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