This week we have articles from Kurt Cagle and Alberto Romero. News comes from Acquia and Widen, Google Workspace, InMoment and Lexalytics, DataRobot, and Grammarly.

Opinion / Analysis

Why GraphQL will rewrite the Semantic Web

I like SPARQL, but increasingly I have to admit a hard reality: there’s a new kid on the block that I think may very well dethrone the language, and perhaps even RDF. …I think that the king of the hill will likely end up being GraphQL.

The title may startle, but Cagle is providing a thoughtful look ahead. This is an important read if you work with or track these or related technologies. Even if you don’t work directly with any of the technologies he discusses but are, or will be, managing or using applications based on them, his 12 minute (2/* perhaps) explanation will make you smarter.

Here’s why we may need to rethink artificial neural networks

“What if I told you that a biological neuron is better represented by a whole artificial neural network than by a single artificial neuron?” Alberto Romero asks, and then explains why, and what this means if the current trajectory of AI investment continues. To over-simplify, using artificial neuron networks is valuable and useful for certain types of ML applications, but not for advancing Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). There are also ethical and environmental repercussions. The 15 minute read is worth your time and happily accessible for non-specialists.

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Content technology news

Grammarly introduces Text Editor SDK

Developers get access to everything they need to deliver easy-to-use, real-time writing assistance in any web application.

DataRobot launches DataRobot AI Cloud

Platform brings together disparate data and users, spanning expert data scientists to IT operators to business analysts for collaboration.

InMoment completes acquisition of Lexalytics

Lexalytics brings decades of structured and unstructured data experience and expertise in natural language proccessing and machine learning.

Google Workspace updates to improve hybrid work

Spaces in Google Chat, updates to Google Meet and Calendar for hybrid meetings, Google Meet hardware, and third-party interoperability.

Acquia to acquire Widen

The digital asset management (DAM) and product information management (PIM) software will be available as part of Acquia DXP or, standalone.

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