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This week we have articles from the Netflix Technology Blog, HBR, and McKinsey. This week’s news comes from Widen and Clarifai, Sinequa, Microsoft, Agilty CMS, and Appfire and Spartez.

Opinion / Analysis

Not every organization has the digital asset management challenges that Netflix has, at least in terms of scale. But even if you don’t, our first article this week is a generous how-they-did-it by Netflix software engineers Burak Bacioglu and Meenakshi Jindal, to share with product and development teams.

We follow with two explainers / perspectives on quantum computing. Both are short, high level, and will help keep you current. First, Francesco Bova, Avi Goldfarb, and Roger Melko explain why computing applications that require combinatoric calculations are an effective way to understand existing and near term uses of quantum computing. Next, Victor Galitski, Dmitry Green, Benjamin Lev, Yuval Oreg, and Henning Soller discuss how to navigate investment decisions in quantum computing given its nascent state.

Elasticsearch indexing strategy in Netflix digital asset management platform

At Netflix, all of our digital media assets (images, videos, text, etc.) are stored in secure storage layers. We built an asset management platform (AMP), codenamed Amsterdam, in order to easily…

Fig 2. Indices based on Time Buckets

Quantum computing is coming. What can it do?

Digital computing has limitations in regards to an important category of calculation called combinatorics, in which the order of data is important to the optimal solution. Computers and software that are predicated on the assumptions of quantum mechanics have the potential to perform combinatorics and other calculations much faster…

Separating the wheat from the chaff: Quantum technology in an era of hype

Investors can cut through the noise by understanding which technologies are likely to be viable in the short term.

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Content technology news

Widen and Clarifai Enhance Computer Vision for DAM

Clarifai who provides AI metadata tagging in the Widen Collective, introduced a visual similarity search that instantly finds related images.

Sinequa brings Intelligent Search to Microsoft Teams

Offers a single access point to surface relevant insights both from within and outside the Microsoft ecosystem.

Complete Windows 10 and Windows 11 experience in the Cloud

Will deliver a full, personalized PC experience from the cloud to any device, giving organizations simplicity and security for hybrid work.

Agility CMS Launches GraphQL support

Provides users with a GraphQL Playground Interface where they can query content from their Agility CMS Instance.

Appfire acquires Spartez Software

Acquisition includes the Whiteboards collaboration toolset, built to enable in-context visual communication for distributed teams.

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