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Month: October 2020 (Page 1 of 8) launches live video captioning for zoom users announced the launch of live video captioning for conference calls and webinars. The introduction of this new feature aims to remove any barrier to digital business communications that companies face, boost collaboration, as well as help to meet accessibility needs. believes that this feature removes miscommunication problems that arise, which previous research estimated costs businesses millions of dollars each year. This feature is also aimed at supporting international organizations using English as their official business language, a growing trend globally. In addition, live video captioning helps organizations to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and accessibility requirements. To experience this new feature, an option to use captions for live video calls and webinars will now appear within Zoom for Otter for Business and Zoom Pro subscribers or higher.

Language I/O releases machine translation tool

Language I/O announced their machine translation tool that aggregates results from the best machine translation engines on the market and then layers their own proprietary machine translation optimization on top. Their software provides machine translation across all languages for companies that are struggling to accurately translate industry jargon, newly invented slang, named entities such as a company’s product names, acronyms and other messy User Generated Content (UGC). When a customer opens a chat with a customer service agent, they’re often distracted or typing too quickly. This often leads to chats rife with spelling mistakes, jargon and acronyms. Language I/O’s machine translation optimizer takes the best machine translation engines on the market and teaches them to recognize and then correctly translate this messy content. The company says they maintain strict adherence to international security standards such as the ISO 27001 and GDPR. We also encrypt all personally identifiable information (PII).

Titan CMS embeds dtSearch

Northwoods, along with dtSearch, announced the release of Northwoods’ newest version of Titan CMS – Titan CMS 7.0 – an enterprise content management system designed to meet the growing needs of both marketing and IT teams. Titan CMS 7.0 upgrades both the administrative interface and the end-user interface to further streamline productivity. Titan CMS 7.0 also incorporates the dtSearch Engine’s document filters and text searching capabilities for fast search results and efficient content management, with options to run both “on premises” and on Microsoft Azure. For searching within Titan CMS’ built-in SQL backend, as well as support for handling and displaying SQL-referenced documents, Titan CMS relies on the dtSearch Engine. dtSearch’s core developer component, the dtSearch Engine, instantly searches terabytes of mixed documents, emails plus nested attachments, databases and online data with over 25 different search options (including faceted search, security filtering and much more). The dtSearch Engine has its own document filters for data parsing, extraction, conversion and display with highlighted hits.,

Kentico Software launches Kentico Xperience 13

Kentico Software announced the launch of Kentico Xperience 13, enhancing its digital experience platform for marketers and developers with new features and updates. This year, Kentico rebranded its Kentico EMS product to Kentico Xperience. The new brand name is inspired by the nature of the product (a digital experience platform), as it combines content management, commerce, and digital marketing capabilities. Together with the rebrand and visual facelift of the product, the company has also turned its attention to its business model with new subscription licensing and the technologies they use. With the latest release, Kentico is one of the very first DXP vendor to switch to ASP.NET Core MVC. The latest release of Kentico Xperience helps businesses accelerate effective digital communication. It includes:

  • A web framework with performance that provides better load times, increased control over code, and simplified deployment with the ASP.NET Core MVC framework.
  • Marketing Automation enabling marketers to execute automated workflows that streamline communication processes, increase customer engagement, and improve marketing performance.
  • Reusable Content that saves time by allowing editors to create pages, sections, and more by reusing existing content.
  • Platform enhancements including new page type features, Search, Dynamic Routing, and more, to boost productivity and reduce developer resources.
  • Kentico Toolkit for third-party platforms designed to speed up development and empower marketers using Kentico Xperience.
  • Integrations with voice assistants Amazon Alexa and Google Home to control the administration interface.

CyberLancers announces partnership with Progress

CyberLancers announced they have partnered with Progress to help promote and develop websites using the digital experience platform, Progress Sitefinity. CyberLancers’ team of developers have worked with the Sitefinity platform for over a decade and this partnership will allow CyberLancers to use their knowledge in helping other companies make the switch to Sitefinity. Progress recently made platform enhancements delivering a technical preview of .NET Core and headless content management. This will allow organizations using Sitefinity to enhance their site performance as well as accelerate front-end content development. Progress Sitefinity is a cloud-enabled digital experience platform for developers and marketers to leverage content management and data-driven insights to deliver, optimize and scale personalized omnichannel user experiences.,

SurveySparrow launches Microsoft Teams integration

The conversational experience platform, SurveySparrow, announced their new integration with Microsoft Teams. The integration facilitates Teams users to send surveys, collect feedback, resolve customer queries, host customer forums, conduct standups and access survey reports via Teams. From conducting regular employee pulse surveys to weekly reflections and daily scrum, the users of SurveySparrow can now simply log in to their account and do all this within Teams. The integration helps to simplify employee feedback & engagement programs, automate actions, establish customer forums, and improve ticket resolutions in your businesses. Whether your company is partially or fully remote, SurveySparrow – Teams integration lets you build a shared understanding of key data with your colleagues. You get to design a workflow and assign actions to each response. The real-time notification helps ensure you never miss a response & the reports help identify patterns in employee behavior or performance and thus alerts you to step in for fixes.

Verint and Avaya expand partnership to support AI-Based knowledge management

Verint Systems Inc. announced an expanded partnership with Avaya to integrate Verint Knowledge Management with Avaya OneCloud CCaaS, a browser-based desktop that consolidates relevant customer details, including customer journey touchpoints, and frequently used applications into a consolidated view to increase customer responsiveness, eliminate screen switching and personalize customer interactions. With this technology integration, enterprises can assist employees with zero-click knowledge on their desktop, to provide instant, accurate and contextual advice to help ensure customer success, fuel agent performance, and maximize employee productivity. Verint Knowledge Management uses artificial intelligence (AI) infused search technology to create a more automated and natural way to connect people to knowledge. The solution works out of the box. Avaya currently incorporates a broad set of Verint solutions on-premise and in the cloud, including recently added Verint SaaS solutions for Engagement Management, Adaptive Fraud and Experience Management., expands upon cloud offering announced and will be presenting an enhanced release of its cloud-based Natural Language API today at API World. The new NL API features include:

  • Relation extraction to express the connection and accurately answer questions like: “who did what when?”, and “what caused what to whom?”
  • Sentiment analysis considering the intrinsic positivity or negativity of the concepts expressed in text, based on the words used (polarity) and how relevant we judge them (intensity)
  • A new geographic taxonomy to identify and disambiguate countries and some other administrative divisions (e.g., San Jose, CA, USA vs. San Jose, Costa Rica)

Learn more about NL API, now available for free testing, visit and sign up to start developing intelligent applications today.,,

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