DT Software, Inc. introduces Version 5.2 of dtSearch, dtSearch Web and dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine. The new releases offer developers and large enterprises even more flexible handling of data sources across PCs, networks, intranets, and the Internet. It includes built-in file and image viewers for popular file types, and automatically recognizes, searches and displays documents with search “hits” highlighted. dtSearch 5.2 features more seamless support for heterogeneous language environments for international organizations and other mixed-language users. dtSearch Web 5.2 adds an easier, frames-based user interface for navigating search results and retrieved documents. It also adds support for highlighting “hits” in PDF files through the browser interface, similar to the way that dtSearch Web already highlighted “hits” in HTML documents. Additionally, it includes a simple Active Server Pages interface that makes it easy for corporate web developers to add highly customized search features to a web site.