is launching two products at this week’s KMWorld & Text Analytics Forum Connect 2020: Studio, an intelliJ plug-in for simplifying natural language processing applications (NLP) development, and Edge NL API for enabling seamless artificial intelligence (AI) deployment on premise or on a private cloud. Studio leverages natural language understanding (NLU) abilities to streamline the development of NLP applications. Users can take advantage of core AI features for categorization, extraction, and sentiment analysis to build language based custom applications. With the out-of the-box knowledge graph, developers and data scientists can reduce development time and training costs while gaining precise comprehension of their content so that it can be used more efficiently and at scale to support business operations. Studio provides a friendly dashboard to support advanced testing through a rich set of metrics that provides input to reach a high level of accuracy. Edge NL API enables developers and data scientists to run NLP applications built with Studio locally or on their private cloud as well as apply capabilities to other information-intensive applications or integrate them in any pre-existing workflow, database or legacy product. Studio and Edge API are free, and come with sample projects and software development kits (SDKs) to help developers get started.