telerik announced the launch of telerik Sitefinity – a Web Content Management System for ASP.NET that introduces the notion of “100% WYSIWYG” site construction. Featuring telerik r.a.d.controls, the application establishes a environment that enables non-technical business users to build sites, contribute content, and perform workflow tasks in a visual manner. Sitefinity, however, is built with the developer in mind. Its modular architecture and a fully-exposed API enables developers to modify the provided out-of-the-box functionality, reuse existing code from non-CMS driven sites, and add new modules in the form of standard ASP.NET controls. The cornerstone of the environment is a modified version of the r.a.d.designer control, which is responsible for the page layout and content visualization. Layout templates can be created and managed directly from the browser, which eliminates the need for a desktop IDE and file transfer. There are no preview buttons the user workspace is the actual web-site, so that content authoring can be made in-context and on-the-fly. All modifications pass through the approval and publishing stages of the workflow. Sitefinity is offered with a 30-day free trial and 5 commercial licenses, depending on the number of site administrators and the supported database. A server license with unlimited users and unlimited implementations is also available.