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Day: October 27, 2020

ASG Technologies unveils Mobius 11

ASG Technologies unveiled the newest version of its content services platform, Mobius 11. This release provides additional help for enterprise and midsize firms to manage and govern the growth of their information and lower total costs of ownership. Mobius 11 helps IT leaders and their teams improve business processes and knowledge worker productivity, govern information more effectively and embrace cost effective cloud deployments. With Mobius 11, customers have improved visibility into unstructured content and disparate repositories throughout their organizations. Mobius 11 includes:

  • Enhanced content management services: Enables business analysts with self-service support to construct business processes leveraging Microsoft 365 and Mobius for secure, collaborative business process execution
  • Sophisticated information governance services: Arms administrators and records managers to establish time and geographic-based policies to support sovereignty and compliance demands
  • Modernized infrastructure deployment: Simplifies deployment and maintenance of Mobius for IT leaders, allowing them to advance their digital automation strategies through native Docker Hub support

Sitecore to make AI auto personalization a standard feature of digital experience platform

Sitecore announced Sitecore Artificial Intelligence (AI) Auto Personalization Standard will be available as part of Sitecore Experience Platform 10 (XP) for customers beginning in early 2021. This expands the availability of Sitecore AI and brings quick and simple personalization to customers without requiring an increase in budget or team hours. Sitecore AI Auto Personalization Standard enables users to start personalization right away, without manually defining user segments and with no minimum traffic required, while also:

  • Enabling auto personalization, such as images, text snippets and calls to action for sites
  • Providing immediate personalization performance visibility with AI analytics embedded in XP
  • Tracking critical KPIs, such as engagement value and bounce rates, to measure success

Sitecore also offers Sitecore AI Auto Personalization Premium for customers who want unlimited personalization along with an AI insights dashboard with discovered audiences from both historical and daily data.

Sitecore also announced new content delivery capabilities, coming in early 2021, that will bring additional options for brands, including:

  • Sitecore Experience Manager (XM), which will have an added option for customers to leverage a scalable delivery platform for static publishing of Sitecore JSS sites and runtime content delivery for headless sites
  • Sitecore Content as a Service (CaaS) capabilities built upon the Sitecore Content Hub SaaS platform, enabling brands to perfect their content strategy with centralized planning and collaboration tools and publish atomic content to a scalable delivery platform through APIs to any channel, on demand.

IMT Software announces integration with Dalet’s Ooyala Flex Media Platform

IMT Software, a division of Integrated Media Technologies, Inc. (IMT), announced an API-based integrated solution with Dalet’s Ooyala Flex Media Platform that provides automated data movement to simplify the secure transfer of artificial intelligence and machine learning workflow content to the cloud. The integration of IMT SoDA software and Dalet’s Ooyala Flex Media Platform will be offered in the United States and Europe. The joint solution will address media asset data management requirements by streamlining the transfer of large data workflows while delivering a simplified data movement approach for creative content. Post production and media services customers will be able to predict the cost and time to move files before a storage transfer enabling them to make better decisions on data management and keep project costs at budget. Benefits include:

  • Seamlessly automates data movements to the cloud
  • Real-time insight into monthly cloud spend
  • Dry-run feature allowing for insight into retrieval costs before execution
  • Job tracking and progress for moving content
  • Cloud-ready assets for artificial intelligence and machine learning workflows.

SYSTRAN and TAUS offer Corona crisis translation models

SYSTRAN announced a partnership with TAUS, the language data network, to provide global access to secure and accurate translations specific to the coronavirus pandemic through the new Corona Crisis Translation Models. SYSTRAN created these models in 12 language combinations, across six languages, based on quality parallel data provided by TAUS. Together, SYSTRAN and TAUS are working to ensure that people and communities in need have access to accurate coronavirus-related information in their local language. The models are publicly available at no cost for text box translation on the SYSTRAN Translate website. The TAUS-owned models are available for commercial use via the SYSTRAN Marketplace, a catalog of specialized models for specific domains such as medical, healthcare, legal, finance, education, science, technology and more.,

dotData announces integration of dotData Stream and Amazon SageMaker

Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) vendor dotData announced that dotData Stream now supports integration with Amazon SageMaker, a Machine Language Operations Platform (MLOps). Amazon SageMaker is a managed service that provides developers and data scientists with the ability to deploy machine learning (ML) models quickly. Now, with simple point-and-click operations, dotData users can launch dotData Stream on Amazon SageMaker and leverage the platform’s capability to monitor, manage, orchestrate, govern and maintain AI/ML models developed using dotData Platform. This integration provides dotData/AWS users with a full-cycle data science automation experience, from automated AI/ML development using dotData Enterprise through instant AI/ML deployment using dotData Stream to AI/ML lifecycle management with AWS SageMaker. The combination of dotData and Amazon SageMaker helps make AutoML accessible to more enterprises. In July, dotData announced dotData Stream, a portable containerized AI/ML engine that enables real-time predictive capabilities. dotData users can develop AI/ML models using dotData Enterprise or dotData Py and then deploy AI/ML models just with a single docker command using dotData Stream. dotData Stream is designed to be easily deployable on an out of the box MLOps platform or container orchestration frameworks.

Dynamic Yield and e-Spirit expand partnership delivering personalized digital experiences

Dynamic Yield, the Experience Optimization Platform, and e-Spirit, maker of the FirstSpirit DXP (digital experience platform) and hybrid headless CMS, announced an expansion of their strategic partnership that will allow brands greater access to the creation of personalized digital experiences at scale. In 2017 e-Spirit integrated Dynamic Yield’s personalization technology into the FirstSpirit DXP architecture, white labeling the solution as the Intelligence Content Engine. This deep integration has enabled e-Spirit and Dynamic Yield’s B2C and B2B customers across the world to orchestrate personalized digital experiences with ease.,

Solace updates PubSub+ Event Portal

Solace announced the general availability of a new version of PubSub+ Event Portal that makes it easier for developers and solution architects to discover, catalog, govern, and visualize Apache Kafka event streams, including those from Confluent and Amazon MSK. Solace first announced these capabilities at Kafka Summit in August and has worked with beta customers to refine functionality and usability. PubSub+ Event Portal gives application teams the ability to:

  • Discover and import Apache Kafka events and application interactions;
  • Catalog event streams already used within Apache Kafka environments;
  • Visualize Apache Kafka topologies;
  • Audit to flag discrepancies between design intent and runtime; and,
  • Add application and event governance to Apache Kafka data.

PubSub+ Event Portal’s new Kafka-centric capabilities are generally available now.

Wazoku integrates with Jira

Idea management software and services firm Wazoku announced a new integration with Atlassian’s Jira Cloud, that will see Wazoku’s platform embedded into Jira, allowing users to join the dots between collaborative ideas and project delivery. Users can connect their Jira projects directly to their Wazoku challenges (the Wazoku term for an innovation call for ideas). This means that ideas within Jira can move upstream, be given clarity and be prioritised against a specific pain point, and ideas within Wazoku can be passed seamlessly to a Jira project for development and delivery. Wazoku’s enterprise software is built to integrate with a suite of enterprise tools and platforms, providing low friction user adoption and seamless data and user flows cross platform.

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