Sitecore announced Sitecore Artificial Intelligence (AI) Auto Personalization Standard will be available as part of Sitecore Experience Platform 10 (XP) for customers beginning in early 2021. This expands the availability of Sitecore AI and brings quick and simple personalization to customers without requiring an increase in budget or team hours. Sitecore AI Auto Personalization Standard enables users to start personalization right away, without manually defining user segments and with no minimum traffic required, while also:

  • Enabling auto personalization, such as images, text snippets and calls to action for sites
  • Providing immediate personalization performance visibility with AI analytics embedded in XP
  • Tracking critical KPIs, such as engagement value and bounce rates, to measure success

Sitecore also offers Sitecore AI Auto Personalization Premium for customers who want unlimited personalization along with an AI insights dashboard with discovered audiences from both historical and daily data.

Sitecore also announced new content delivery capabilities, coming in early 2021, that will bring additional options for brands, including:

  • Sitecore Experience Manager (XM), which will have an added option for customers to leverage a scalable delivery platform for static publishing of Sitecore JSS sites and runtime content delivery for headless sites
  • Sitecore Content as a Service (CaaS) capabilities built upon the Sitecore Content Hub SaaS platform, enabling brands to perfect their content strategy with centralized planning and collaboration tools and publish atomic content to a scalable delivery platform through APIs to any channel, on demand.