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Contentstack partners with Uniform to deliver personalized sites

Contentstack announced Uniform has joined its Catalysts partner program. Contentstack’s Catalysts program is an ecosystem of technology and service providers to accelerate digital experience innovation. Uniform will offer Contentstack users a MACH-enabled platform to help enterprise organizations create fast personalized sites that engage their customers. Uniform brings the personalization features of a Digital Experience Platform (DXP) to Jamstack applications. By connecting modern developer tools and edge-based personalization to MACH technologies, Uniform enables instant, global scaling, reduced cost, and faster time-to-market without requiring expensive, time-consuming re-platforming. 

Contentstack’s content management capabilities combined with Uniform’s headless personalization helps enterprises satisfy IT priorities, such as time-to-market and modern development frameworks, as well as marketing priorities, such as compelling content and personalized experiences based on real-time intent. Catalysts work with partners to drive market visibility, manage growth opportunities and deliver transformational customer success. Contentstack provides Catalysts with the a CMS integration framework and the ability to build new integrations to meet customer needs. Catalysts advance the use of a microservices-based, API-first, cloud-native SaaS, headless (MACH) architecture, technology, practices and a methodology for digital omnichannel engagement.

Oro unveils OroCommerce 4.2

Oro Inc. announced the release of OroCommerce 4.2., the open-source eCommerce solution purpose-built for B2B companies. Key upgrades include a revamped shopping list interface allowing B2B buyers to compile, review, and place large orders with complex configurations. The streamlined ordering and checkout process also boosts back-office efficiency and productivity for manufacturers and distributors, allowing staff to quickly respond to RFQs and manage customer orders. OroCommerce 4.2 is also faster, with gains in browser loading and processing speeds.

Content editing and previewing upgrades include the ability to maintain multiple websites under a single OroCommerce instance and preview changes for specific store sites. The new preview function also offers localized and personalized websites aimed at customer groups by geography or individual consumers. Other new features include an OroCommerce storefront with compliance with web accessibility requirements (ADA and WCAG). Text elements are more readable and buttons more intuitive to use, and storefronts include support for voice readers and keyboard navigation.

Finally, new OroCommerce API resources make it simpler for developers to test applications, with performance optimized for new authentication options and improved integration connectors performance. Dev teams can also look forward to increased stability.

TA Digital launches

TA Digital announced its entry into the cognitive search space with an intelligent search solution, delivers personalized search results by focusing on the users and their experience. Leveraging user data, serves users with predictive, relevant and personalized search results that cater to the highest clicks and conversions. works by connecting to both the data source and the search engine in place within the client’s existing infrastructure. It imports user data and search results then trains a Machine Learning model on them to produce better results. Once those results are ready, pushes those results back to the search engine. While can work with any data source or search engine, there is an existing out-of-the-box connectors for Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, Apache Solr, Elasticsearch, Adobe Experience Manager and many others in development. The company has launched its offering with four pricing options.

Optimizely takes B2B Commerce Cloud global

Optimizely (Episerver), announced the expansion of B2B Commerce Cloud globally throughout 2021. The move comes just one year after the company’s 2019 acquisition of B2B digital commerce platform Insite Software, and gives manufacturers and distributors access to a solution previously available primarily in North America.

Optimizely B2B Commerce Cloud enables B2B companies to uncover efficiencies, deliver customer-centric digital experiences and increase revenue with capabilities for cart and checkout, catalog management, personalization, workflows, integration and more. The product is currently available in Continental Europe, the UK, and Ireland and will be available across APAC, DACH and the Nordics in 2021.

Built with an integration architecture and commerce core, Optimizely B2B Commerce Cloud powers the digital experiences for manufacturers and distributors. With Optimizely, manufacturers and distributors in Continental Europe, the UK and Ireland can now accelerate the creation and delivery of their B2B commerce experiences to future-proof their businesses and join the next generation of digital leaders.

Poq & Amplience partner to offer native apps

Native SaaS retail mobile app platform, Poq, announced a new partnership with headless commerce experience provider, Amplience. Amplience offers a headless content management system (CMS) and digital asset management solution, while the Poq appcommerce platform enables retailers and brands to launch effective and fully customized native mobile apps. The partnership between these two cloud-native SaaS providers will enable Poq platform and Amplience CMS clients to deliver native mobile app-based shopping experiences powered by a single integrated commerce content engine.

The new partnership helps to eliminate duplication of management effort, training and resources across these channels by providing an out-of-the-box, application programming interface (API) plugins for centralized content production alongside native app control. Joint retailer clients will be able to harness advanced appcommerce engagement tools, such as lookbooks and interactive App Story content carousels, from a single content dashboard view.,

BlueConic and Nagarro partner to deliver enterprise CDP

BlueConic, a pure-play customer data platform (CDP), and Nagarro, provider of digital engineering and technology solutions, announced a strategic partnership to help enterprise organizations deploy BlueConic. Nagarro’s expertise in BlueConic’s technology, combined with the implementation and utilization best practices already used by BlueConic, will help ensure joint customers get value from their investment. Making first-party data a strategic asset is the future of all businesses. Yet accessing unified, actionable customer data can be challenging for innovative disruptors and established stalwarts. As these companies embrace the need for business transformation, they are confronting the pain of trying to use technologies with multiple unique ways of storing data and recognizing customers to support a fast moving, end-to-end customer experience.,

SAP Store and SAP App Center merged

SAP SE said it has created one marketplace for solutions and services from SAP and its partners, merging SAP App Center for partner solutions with SAP Store for SAP solutions to simplify the customer shopping experience. New SAP Store capabilities include a unified home page and intelligent search functionality, which bring together all of SAP’s digitally available solutions from partner apps. Partner solutions certified by SAP and SAP Endorsed Apps are prominently noted with visual identifiers. These features make it easier to navigate through SAP and partner solutions, allowing customers to browse by industries, categories, SAP products and lines of business. Additional features include an updated category menu, guided search, favorite product pages, and search filtering tips.

SAP’s consolidated search was built with impartiality in mind to help customers discover products and solutions that best fit their needs. Although SAP products are visually identifiable, SAP says the search functionality is fair and unbiased, presenting all products that fit the search. The same holds true for the content accompanying each search and offering. Category landing pages show customer reviews of SAP and partner solutions, with quotes and ratings. SAP’s goal is to provide a better customer experience whether purchasing for personal use or for a large enterprise.

Zendesk unveils new suite with messaging

Zendesk, Inc. announced the general availability of a comprehensive messaging solution as part of the new Zendesk Suite. The new package brings together all Zendesk’s service capabilities, including messaging, into an offering that brings more simplicity to the enterprise. Zendesk’s messaging tools are designed to give businesses the ability to have continuous, convenient, and personalized conversations whether customers want to text, chat on their computer, reach out over WhatsApp, and more, for a better customer experience. Companies can now provide connected conversational experiences across web, mobile, and social channels that work out-of-the-box with built in automation and the ability to scale to support modern enterprise needs. Zendesk’s messaging solution also offers proactive notifications, enabling specialized third-party bots, and allowing customers to transact directly within the conversation when browsing products, reserving seats, or making payments. As part of the new Zendesk Suite, Zendesk also packaged all its service capabilities into one solution with five new plans to meet a variety of business needs.

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