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Contentstack updates personalization tools

Contentstack, a creator of the Headless CMS and the Composable DXP category, announced a new solution to address personalization challenges for digital marketers: an overreliance on IT, generic AI content, and manual processes that impede scale. Contentstack’s solution includes new features that are integrated within the headless CMS as well as “no-fail promise” customer support services:

  • Personalize – An A/B/n testing and segmentation engine that removes obstacles tied to the implementation and operationalization of personalized content.
  • Brand Kit– A writing assistant that produces brand-relevant, AI-generated content at scale to align with the brand’s style, messaging, and defined Voice Profiles.
  • New extensions for Contentstack Automate – Teams can now develop fully automated sequences to address the complete lifecycle of personalized content and experiences.
  • Expanded Academy and new AI Accelerator program– Additional tools, training, and support to help achieve success on practical AI use cases within weeks.

Brand Kit sits on top of AI Assistant, the native LLM launched last year. It allows marketers to create high-quality, AI-generated content specific to the brand across all channels and platforms. The process is also fully automated via new AI connectors within Contentstack Automate.

Siteimprove launches new product features

Siteimprove, a platform to help brands stand out with accessible, high-performing digital content experiences, launched new capabilities designed to turn large amounts of data into actionable, easy to understand insights, increase cross-organizational collaboration, facilitate confident decision making, and deliver tangible outcomes. Today’s launch includes four initiatives:

  • Top Paths – To identify high-performing content
    • With Top Paths, marketers can understand the impact of their content on conversion metrics to focus on what moves the needle.
  • Visitor Engagement Score – the Digital Certainty Index (DCI)score of engagement
    • 95 percent of website visits are non-converting, but that doesn’t mean they fail to deliver value. With Visitor Engagement Score, marketers can now measure visitor engagement with their content beyond conversions to better understand the full impact of their organizations’  across the customer journey.
  • No-Code Event Tracking – event configuration without the hassle
    • With No-Code Event Tracking, marketers can now set up events quickly, with full transparency without technical expertise.
  • Sites Progress – tell a convincing and accurate story of the progress across your entire website
    • With Sites Progress, digital marketing teams can now understand and communicate the progress the teams are making, across all the sites, by consolidating data in a single, easy-to-understand view.

Progress releases Sitefinity 15.1

Progress, a provider of infrastructure software, announced new capabilities and enhancements in the latest release of Progress Sitefinity. Building on existing AI support throughout the platform, Sitefinity 15.1 introduces AI-powered conversion propensity scoring, AI-powered content classification for faster content editing and improved customer data modeling, enabling higher ROI and productivity. Additionally, new support for ASP.NET Core in .NET 8 provides flexibility to engineering teams, enabling them to develop and deploy using any platform.

  • New AI Propensity Scoring for Conversions: Progress Sitefinity Insight customer data platform (CDP) automatically identifies high/medium/low segments for each conversion, helping to refine audience segmentation and activate users. New Sitefinity Insight features also include streamlined rules management for persona and lead scores, ​additional and enriched data export options, automatic tracking of outbound clicks and improvements to the chatbot-based Insightful Assistant.
  • AI-Assisted Content Classification: Integrated with the rich text editor and available for static content types, dynamic modules and media items, this new tool delivers AI suggestions for classification built upon existing taxonomy and can help hone content performance by increasing discoverability, reusability and relevance.
  • Page Editing Experience Enhancements: The exposed widget toolbox embedded in the new page editor improves page editing and accelerates publishing.

Adobe introduces V4

Adobe introduced the all-new V4, a creative collaboration platform that streamlines and simplifies workflows across content creation and production. V4 is designed to meet the complex needs of creative teams delivering personalized content by centralizing feedback, helping to reduce rounds of revisions and accelerating the delivery of media assets. The next generation of will begin to roll out today in beta for Free and Pro customers, and is planned to launch later this year for Team and Enterprise customers. 

With all-new workflow management capabilities, anchored by a dynamic metadata framework and smart folder system called Collections, V4 introduces a cloud-based platform that is customizable and flexible enough to facilitate any creative workflow. File transfer, media asset review and approval, sharing, and presentations have undergone a complete transformation in V4, offering users a platform for their most demanding creative projects. is integrated with Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects and will be available in Adobe Photoshop for Creative Cloud Enterprise customers beginning in May, with support for more Creative Cloud tools, customer segments, and integration with Workfront coming later this year.

Searchspring acquires Intelligent Reach

Searchspring, a platform for ecommerce site search, product merchandising, and ecommerce personalization, announced today it has acquired Intelligent Reach, a UK-headquartered, full-service data feed management software provider trusted by brands such as HP, Asics, Avon Cosmetics, Black and Decker, Seraphine, and Burberry.

Purpose-built for ecommerce, merchants use the Searchspring platform to facilitate better product discovery through semantic site search capabilities and flexible product merchandising, which includes business rules as well as AI-driven campaigns. The Searchspring personalization suite further helps to get the right product to the right shopper at the right time.

Intelligent Reach empowers mid-market and enterprise merchants by curating their product data to optimize for distribution across more than 1,500 advertising channels, shopping sites, and marketplaces by managing product data effectively, integrating it across platforms, and syncing orders with existing systems to streamline operations. These channels include Google Shopping, Amazon, eBay, Facebook, and Instagram. The platform reduces the time it takes a brand, retailer, or agency to access new channels. It streamlines operations, accelerates entry to new markets, manages the complexity of marketplaces and social commerce, and increases return on ad spend.

Bridgeline releases Zeus Update with Concept and Image Search

Bridgeline Digital, Inc. announced that Smart Search by HawkSearch, featuring AI powered concept and image search with Generative AI (GenAI) capabilities, is now available to the general public. Smart Search leverages the latest advancements in AI, including large language models (LLMs) and vector databases, to enhance online shopping search functionality. Smart Search includes:

  • Concept Search understands the intent behind a customer’s search to find products that are more relevant to the customer’s needs. A customer can describe what they need to automatically create a shopping list. For example, if a customer tells an online flower store, “find white flowers to plant in Southern California with fragrant blooms to attract bees,” Smart Search would return Gardenia and Star Jasmine.
  • Image Search allows online shoppers to shop with photos from their cell phone or online images. A shopper could go to the above gardening website and upload a photo of a garden to automatically load their shopping cart with similar flowers and trees.
  • GenAI automatically creates, corrects, or expands descriptions of products in your catalog. GenAI also creates landing pages with keywords for each product.

Smart Search supports 50 languages even if the site is primarily in English.

Adobe and Microsoft partner on GenAI for marketers

Adobe and Microsoft announced plans to bring Adobe Experience Cloud workflows and insights to Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365 to help marketers overcome application and data silos and manage workflows. The integration bring marketing insights and workflows from Adobe Experience Cloud applications and Microsoft Dynamics 365 to Microsoft Copilot, assisting marketers as they work in tools such as Outlook, Microsoft Teams and Word to develop creative briefs, create content, and manage content approvals. Initial capabilities will focus on:

  • Strategic insights in the flow of work: Campaign insights from Adobe Experience Cloud applications such as Adobe Customer Journey Analytics and Adobe Workfront, combined with Dynamics 365, the Copilot for Microsoft 365 experience helps marketers get quick insights and updates in Outlook, Teams and Word. Marketers can ask questions to get the status of a marketing project, understand campaign effectiveness, outstanding approvals, and actions to take.
  • Create campaign briefs, presentations, website updates and emails with relevant context: Marketers can also create imagery with Adobe Firefly generative AI and create content in Word that gets published directly to channels such as web and mobile.

Verndale acquires Yaksa

Verndale, a digital experience agency headquartered in Boston, MA, announced today the acquisition of Yaksa, a digital commerce experience agency based in Montréal, QC. This strategic acquisition aims to enhance Verndale’s market presence, expand its service offerings, and deliver greater value to clients. With this acquisition, Verndale is now one of the larger independent digital experience agencies serving both the US and Canadian markets.

Yaksa’s team brings deep ecommerce implementation expertise in top digital commerce and digital experience platforms (DXP), including Optimizely, Umbraco, Orckestra Commerce, and more. This expertise expands Verndale’s position in both B2B and B2C enterprise and mid-market ecommerce solutions. The combined forces of the newly integrated entity will be better equipped to meet the evolving needs of clients in today’s dynamic digital landscape, providing end-to-end solutions including digital strategy, design, ecommerce, website development, optimization, digital marketing, customer relationship management (CRM), and configure price quote (CPQ) tools. Yaksa will continue to operate under its existing brand for the short term, with plans for integration into Verndale in the coming months.


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