CHILI publisher and Sitecore joined forces to optimize the content creation process and centralize all marketing assets from different management systems with Sitecore Content Hub. CHILI publisher, the online editing software for artwork and marketing material creation, turns original designs based on these assets into Smart Templates. These documents can be edited and repurposed by any user within Sitecore Content Hub into brand-compliant print or digital visuals.

Sitecore Content Hub integrates with different content sources (DAM, ERP, PLM, CRM, …) within a company and centralizes key content into one channel that acts as a single source of truth for asset collection and distribution. By maximizing the content lifecycle, users can reuse and repurpose existing content while scaling the creation of new content. CHILI publisher runs on Smart Templates that convert source files via plug-ins into editable documents. The Smart Templates define the content or brand constraints, allow variables (sizes, visuals, text,…), add extra data, and contain template intelligence, enabling users to generate multichannel content. Smart Templates work with content blocks (snippets) that allow users to change files on a granular level to generate any –“ization” they want, like localization, regionalization, customization. Various users from different divisions within any company can create content visuals that are safe, integrated, updated, and stored centrally.,