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Gilbane Advisor 10-19-22 — WebAssembly, open-source indexes

This week we feature articles by Chase Roberts, and Bogdan Semenov.

Additional reading from Bagavath Subramaniam, M.G. Siegler, Daniel Tunkelang, and Diego Zavala, Christiaan Brand, Ali Naddaf, & Ken Buchanan.

News comes from AvePoint & Microsoft, MongoDB, Squarespace, Fivetran & Microsoft, and Crownpeak & ilumino.

If you’ve missed any of the past 60 issues you can see them here; those, as well as all earlier issues can be found here.

Opinion / Analysis

WebAssembly (Wasm): The future looks bright

Rather than describe the technology and its features, I will focus on why Wasm represents a technology that rights a few of the wrongs of software architecture design patterns. Said another way, Wasm resolves a handful of software development anti-patterns.

So says Chase Roberts, and Wasm is something software developers should be paying attention to. Roberts provides useful resource links, and adds his own view of WebAssembly’s value along with Amazon’s reasoning for adopting Wasm. (6 min).

Introducing open-source indexes: databases, headless CMSs and static site generators

Daily-updated indexes for open-source databases, headless content management systems and static site generators. Based on active contributors and other metrics. 

Bogdan Semenov describes this useful resource for anyone evaluating open source solutions. (7 min).

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Content technology news

AvePoint partners with Microsoft to launch Microsoft Syntex

Microsoft Syntex cloud computing and artificial intelligence transform how content is created, processed, and discovered in Microsoft 365.

MongoDB announces pay-as-you-go offering on Azure

Developers can access a free trial along with streamlined billing and procurement experience using Azure accounts to pay for Atlas usage.

Fivetran adds support for Microsoft’s Intelligent Data Platform

Fivetran supports the Intelligent Data Platform by integrating with Azure Synapse and providing high-quality data movement across the ecosystem.

Squarespace announces Refresh

with 100+ new product capabilities and features to monetize an audience, build a brand, and manage a business with monetization and design.

Crownpeak acquires ilumino

Expanding Crownpeak’s automated accessibility technology with ilumino’s subject matter expertise in digital accessibility and usability.

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Sitecore releases new public cloud products

The new solutions include Sitecore Search, an AI-powered search and discovery function that provides marketers with a unified delivery system; Content Hub One, a headless CMS that combines content modeling, authoring, and consumption into a single interface; and Sitecore Connect, a technology stack optimizer that allows brands to connect Sitecore products to their existing infrastructure.

Sitecore Search is a content discovery solution that customizes how content is matched, sorted, and promoted to mirror the specific needs of a consumer’s search experience. This product is a plug-and-play solution that can be applied to an existing website.

Sitecore has adapted its Content Hub offering for brands looking for entry points into digital experience delivery versus a holistic marketing strategy. The result is Content Hub One,  a headless CMS system that allows brands to launch and manage experiences on web, mobile, smart displays, voice assistants, and marketplaces. Content Hub One helps developers build frontends using any framework for data-driven content experiences. This solution is an entry point that allows customers to upgrade to the full capabilities of Content Hub.

Sitecore Connect, via a simple drag and drop UI, will allow brands to seamlessly and easily connect Sitecore products to an existing technology stack.

TransPerfect acquires Hiventy Group

TransPerfect, a provider of language and technology solutions for global business, announced that it has acquired France-based media house Hiventy Group. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Hiventy specializes in technical audiovisual services including post-production, localization, distribution, and film restoration. The company is based in Paris and serves a multinational client base through its global locations, which include Warsaw, Singapore, Ho Chi Minh City, Casablanca, Nairobi, and Lagos.

Technical audiovisual services has been an important growth market for TransPerfect, and this acquisition brings its total owned-and-operated footprint to over 90 recording rooms and eight theatrical rooms worldwide, expanding capacity for post-production, subtitling, dubbing, and audio description services, as well as strengthening its content distribution and restoration offerings.


Adobe delivers new creative, document, and marketing capabilities

At this weeks Adobe Max event Adobe announced new automation and collaboration features across Adobe Creative Cloud and the Adobe product portfolio, helping small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) modernize workflows in creativity and productivity. 

Creative Cloud now enables SMBs to move between interoperable apps, leverage the best tool for each task and access fonts and stock photo, illustration, video and 3D assets within the apps:  

  • Adobe Express enables easy creation of impactful social media posts based upon thousands of templates, which can be customized within the app or accessed within Adobe Fonts for blank canvas testing.
  • Share for Review (beta) allows users to share a version-specific link to a Photoshop or Illustrator file, then automatically flow reviewers’ comments back into the app.
  • AI powered by Adobe Sensei delivers new capabilities across Creative Cloud, simplifying and automating repetitive tasks.   

New capabilities for SMBs across Document Cloud and Experience Cloud, including Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Commerce and Adobe Marketo Engage:

  • Adobe Acrobat introduced free web-based watermarking, cropping, redaction, OCR, stamping, certifying and page numbering tools to take actions on documents.
  • Adobe Commerce enables incorporation of Walmart’s, PayPal’s and FedEx’s enterprise-grade solutions, enabling an omnichannel customer experience. 
  • Adobe Marketo Engage adds a new, entry-level automation package that helps SMBs automate and scale their marketing efforts.

ApostropheCMS launches Document Versions tool

ApostropheCMS allows multiple content contributors and editors to work on documents across multiple sites. Keeping track of when changes were made to a document and who made those changes is critical. The enterprise edition of ApostropheCMS has an important new tool for managing the content pipeline. The Document Versions tool facilitates the use and management of multiple versions of a document (page).

Alongside the core ApostropheCMS functionality, this new tool allows reversion to older versions of any document. Now, we can view a list of all published content on a page, preview them as they exist in the current page, and elect to rollback to a previous version.

The Documents Versions tool allows us to keep a record of all the changes made to our content, and which editor made the changes. We can also elect to view or roll-back to previous versions of our choice. This provides easier collaboration and editorial control of all our documents. The Documents Version module is available with a paid plan.

Squarespace announces Refresh

Squarespace announced Squarespace Refresh with 100+ new product capabilities and features. Highlights of what is available and coming soon to monetize an audience, build a brand, and manage a business include:

  • Video monetization: New updates include asset protection tools, in-player video paywalls, and the ability to manage subscriptions with a new digital product composer and inventory panel.
  • Custom Merch: Through a partnership with Printful, Squarespace has created a seamless experience to start selling products. Custom Merch powers production, shipping and fulfillment.
  • Commerce releases: New features including product reviews, display related items in customer carts, and pay-as-you-go checkout options help increase sales.
  • Fluid Engine: A drag-and-drop editor that gives entrepreneurs complete control over their content.
  • Unfold: Video-first, all-in-one platform to create trend-setting content for social media in minutes.
  • Updated Website Design Tools: like new scrolling blocks, text highlights, text scaling, and button styles.
  • Run your business from your phone: Take your business with you wherever you go with the updated Squarespace App.
  • Asset library: A central hub for creators to share assets. Upload images and videos to your library from your phone or desktop and use them across Squarespace.

Fivetran adds support for Microsoft’s Intelligent Data Platform

Fivetran announced an extended partnership and new product capabilities with Microsoft Azure to help joint customers accelerate their data-driven digital transformations. The partnership between Fivetran and Microsoft Azure includes support for the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform, in addition to integrations with Azure Synapse and Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS) products, to help deliver a more seamless solution for automated data movement in the enterprise. 

The Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform is a set of comprehensive, integrated Azure data and analytics services that help reduce friction in data flows across enterprise data. Fivetran supports the Intelligent Data Platform by integrating with Azure Synapse and providing reliable, high-quality data movement across the ecosystem. As a result, Fivetran and Microsoft joint customers can accelerate value creation from their data assets. Fivetran plans to add an integration supporting data replication with its high-volume agent (HVA) connectors to ADLS Gen2 as a destination.  

The integration enables Microsoft customers to take advantage of the scale, automation and performance of a modern data stack with Fivetran and Microsoft Azure. With data consolidation and transformation workloads occurring in the Azure cloud, Fivetran customers will benefit from more comprehensive analytics and insights using additional Azure data services.

AvePoint partners with Microsoft to launch Microsoft Syntex

AvePoint announced it is one of the featured partners for the launch of Microsoft Syntex, which uses advancements in cloud computing and artificial intelligence to transform how content is created, processed and discovered in Microsoft 365. Microsoft Syntex is adding new capabilities to use advanced AI and machine teaching to amplify human expertise, automate content processing and transform content into knowledge.

  • Backup and Restore: Microsoft Syntex now offers the ability to backup and restore SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, and OneDrive. When combined with AvePoint’s data protection solutions for Microsoft 365, organizations can have a backup solution that enables them to own their service level agreements, protect data, and maintain flexibility in where data is stored.
  • Information Management: Enables organizations to archive entire site collections within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem, allowing organizations to index the content for eDiscovery and compliance. When combined with AvePoint’s information lifecycle management solution across Microsoft 365, this enhancement provides organizations with control of their records from creation and classification to retention and disposal in a single platform.
  • Content Management: Microsoft Syntex gives IT administrators visibility into sharing links and sensitive files in SharePoint sites, with the ability to then initiate reviews by those responsible.

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