ApostropheCMS allows multiple content contributors and editors to work on documents across multiple sites. Keeping track of when changes were made to a document and who made those changes is critical. The enterprise edition of ApostropheCMS has an important new tool for managing the content pipeline. The Document Versions tool facilitates the use and management of multiple versions of a document (page).

Alongside the core ApostropheCMS functionality, this new tool allows reversion to older versions of any document. Now, we can view a list of all published content on a page, preview them as they exist in the current page, and elect to rollback to a previous version.

The Documents Versions tool allows us to keep a record of all the changes made to our content, and which editor made the changes. We can also elect to view or roll-back to previous versions of our choice. This provides easier collaboration and editorial control of all our documents. The Documents Version module is available with a paid plan.