At this weeks Adobe Max event Adobe announced new automation and collaboration features across Adobe Creative Cloud and the Adobe product portfolio, helping small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) modernize workflows in creativity and productivity. 

Creative Cloud now enables SMBs to move between interoperable apps, leverage the best tool for each task and access fonts and stock photo, illustration, video and 3D assets within the apps:  

  • Adobe Express enables easy creation of impactful social media posts based upon thousands of templates, which can be customized within the app or accessed within Adobe Fonts for blank canvas testing.
  • Share for Review (beta) allows users to share a version-specific link to a Photoshop or Illustrator file, then automatically flow reviewers’ comments back into the app.
  • AI powered by Adobe Sensei delivers new capabilities across Creative Cloud, simplifying and automating repetitive tasks.   

New capabilities for SMBs across Document Cloud and Experience Cloud, including Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Commerce and Adobe Marketo Engage:

  • Adobe Acrobat introduced free web-based watermarking, cropping, redaction, OCR, stamping, certifying and page numbering tools to take actions on documents.
  • Adobe Commerce enables incorporation of Walmart’s, PayPal’s and FedEx’s enterprise-grade solutions, enabling an omnichannel customer experience. 
  • Adobe Marketo Engage adds a new, entry-level automation package that helps SMBs automate and scale their marketing efforts.