The new solutions include Sitecore Search, an AI-powered search and discovery function that provides marketers with a unified delivery system; Content Hub One, a headless CMS that combines content modeling, authoring, and consumption into a single interface; and Sitecore Connect, a technology stack optimizer that allows brands to connect Sitecore products to their existing infrastructure.

Sitecore Search is a content discovery solution that customizes how content is matched, sorted, and promoted to mirror the specific needs of a consumer’s search experience. This product is a plug-and-play solution that can be applied to an existing website.

Sitecore has adapted its Content Hub offering for brands looking for entry points into digital experience delivery versus a holistic marketing strategy. The result is Content Hub One,  a headless CMS system that allows brands to launch and manage experiences on web, mobile, smart displays, voice assistants, and marketplaces. Content Hub One helps developers build frontends using any framework for data-driven content experiences. This solution is an entry point that allows customers to upgrade to the full capabilities of Content Hub.

Sitecore Connect, via a simple drag and drop UI, will allow brands to seamlessly and easily connect Sitecore products to an existing technology stack.