MongoDB, Inc. announced that it will make it easier for developers to build data rich applications with a pay as you go experience of MongoDB Atlas within the Azure Marketplace & Portal. By engaging MongoDB Atlas through the Azure Marketplace, developers can access a free trial along with streamlined billing and procurement using their Azure accounts to pay for their Atlas usage.

MongoDB is among the initial set of partners participating in the launch of Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform Partner Ecosystem, which was announced at Ignite 2022. This integration provides developers with the ability to work with the platform of their choice to build on while also meeting the stringent requirements of Corp IT without impacting the speed of innovation. Microsoft customers leveraging MongoDB Atlas can take advantage of:

  • Ecosystem integrations including Synapse, Power BI, Purview, PowerApps, and PowerAutomate to add MongoDB Atlas to existing AI / ML / IoT / and Analytic architectures.
  • Security features such as always-on authentication, network isolation, end-to-end encryption, and role-based access controls to protect data.
  • Build full-text search, run real-time analytics, share visualizations, and sync to the edge with integrated and native Atlas data services that require no manual data replication or additional infrastructure.