Crownpeak, provider of a digital experience platform (DXP), announced the acquisition of ilumino, a digital accessibility services and consulting firm. The acquisition reinforces an existing two-year partnership with ilumino, expanding Crownpeak’s automated accessibility scanning technology with ilumino’s subject matter expertise in digital accessibility and usability. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

More than one billion people worldwide live with some form of visual, auditory, mobility, or cognitive disability, and many organizations are recognizing the need to deliver digital experiences that are inclusive of all users. The Crownpeak/ilumino partnership already serves business services, insurance, and consumer packaged goods (CPG) leaders operating in multiple countries.

Crownpeak’s accessibility solutions enable enterprises to deliver consistent, inclusive, and accessible digital experiences across digital touchpoints – including web, mobile apps, and software. Crownpeak’s Accessibility and Quality solution provides automated and ongoing scanning and auditing against WCAG guidelines, enabling compliance with ADA, AODA and EAA (European Accessibility Act) requirements. Crownpeak’s accessibility functionality is natively integrated into its Digital Experience Platform (DXP) for ease of content operations workflow. With Crownpeak’s technology and expertise, enterprise customers can improve digital accessibility practices within the context of their existing business practices, brand guidelines, and personalized user experiences.