Apollo GraphQL introduced Apollo GraphOS, a platform to build, connect, and scale any supergraph, a runtime that connects backend and frontend systems in a modular way. GraphOS is the execution fabric for the supergraph. It offers self-hosted or cloud-hosted routing, so users can choose to operate the supergraph in the cloud, and build without complex infrastructure setup or configuration. Features include:

  • Cloud-hosted or self-hosted routing for supergraphs with Federation built in. Connect everything in one graph with a supergraph runtime where you need it.
  • Advanced GraphQL capabilities. New and upcoming features like @defer, live queries, and edge caching give devs the power and flexibility to build a new generation of apps.
  • A central source of truth for schemas and delivery pipeline for changes. Keep all of your developers up to date with the most recent schema changes, and verify changes against past client operations before they hit production.
  • Control who can access your supergraph, as well as when and why they can do it. SOC 2 Type II compliant. Tested and audited by Doyensec.

GraphOS will soon include the ability to link supergraphs beyond organizational firewalls connecting third-party APIs like partners, payment services, content management systems, or public APIs.