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Yooba Releases CMS for Flash

Yooba Ltd announced the full commercial availability of its online Flash creation and management system, Yooba. Yooba is a content management system (CMS) specially designed for Flash website content creation. As with CMSs for static content, Yooba puts full creative power over Flash, right down to the object level, but without the need for programming skills, into the hands of editors and others responsible for site content origination and maintenance. As a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application, there are no licensing issues with Yooba and users are always working with the latest version. The SaaS structure also gives full scalability on pricing, to suit anyone from individual professionals to enterprise companies. Once content is created, Yooba simplifies the scheduling and publication of created and edited material. This is carried out through Yooba’s graphical admin dashboard, which gives users total control of Flash objects within a website at a glance, making it easy to update and change them as frequently as information and sales campaigns require.

Content Data Solutions Announces the Release of Web Publishing Solution SaaS

Content Data Solutions, developers of publishing software, systems integration and pre-press solutions, announced the release of their Web Publishing Solution (WPS) as Software as a Service (SaaS). WPS, developed for the needs of news, journal and book publishers, is a comprehensive application for the creation, enrichment, management and delivery of content to the Web as well as other publishing channels such as print, CD-Rom or E-Reader. WPS’ standard editing controls are similar to Microsoft Word. WPS SaaS’s built in automated publishing process allows companies to publish information quickly with features such as future scheduling and expiration capabilities. WPS’ browser based solution has a built in workflow feature allowing Authors, Editors and Content Managers the ability to revise, approve and release documents in a collaborative environment. Content DSI’s WPS SaaS is priced starting at $500 per month for up to 3 users, 10GB of storage and up to 10MB of monthly internet usage.

CrownPeak Announces Banner Ad Content Manager

CrownPeak announced the launch of a new framework designed specifically for digital agencies and online marketers: The CrownPeak Banner Ad Content Manager. This content management framework addresses a core challenge that online marketers face — the need for a simple way to manage both the content in an online advertisement that is running outside their Web site, and the landing page to which the advertisement links. This solution, when combined with CrownPeak’s Landing Page Management solutions. enable digital marketers to manage, track and change the content on both landing pages and the banner ads running on external Web sites to drive greater ROI from marketing campaigns. With CrownPeak, companies can significantly improve online campaign performance, track results and experiment with new marketing strategies and messaging. The Banner Ad Content Management framework allows CrownPeak clients to change any element of their Adobe Flash based display ads without having to recreate the creative or re-distribute the ads to the publication. Using the CrownPeak Banner Ad Content Management Framework, any Flash based template ad can have as many versions as the marketer wants. Additionally, an update to the banner advertisement can also change the headline or any component of the landing page to which that advertisement links. Then, using CrownPeak, conversions and metrics can be tracked to determine the optimum message.

Webinar: Making the Business Case for SaaS WCM

Updated April 9, 2009: View the recorded webinar.
January 27, 2009, 2:00 pm ET

When customer experience becomes increasingly important even as budgets are tightening, the SaaS value proposition–faster time to results, reduced dependency on IT resources, predictable costs–can be especially compelling. If your organization wants or needs to move ahead with web business initiatives in today’s uncertain economic climate, you’re probably investigating software-as-a-service solutions for web content management.

But SaaS WCM is fundamentally different from licensing software (open source or proprietary) and installing it on your own servers. Which means the process of evaluating solutions is different. It’s not all apples when SaaS is on the short list, but rather apples and oranges.This webinar explores the implications for technology acquisition. How do you make a business case that enables your organization to fairly evaluate all options and make the best decision for the business?

Join us in a lively discussion with Robert Carroll from Clickability. Register today. Presented by Gilbane. Sponsored by Clickability. Based on a new Gilbane Beacon entitled Communicating SaaS WCM Value. Announces DocZone DITA and JustSystems Partnership announced the release of DocZone DITA, a new Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for creating, managing and publishing DITA content. The new DocZone DITA product is integrated with JustSystems’ DITA authoring tool, XMetaL Author Enterprise, component content management (built as a layered application onto the Alfresco open source CMS), workflow, and single-source publishing to the DITA Open Toolkit. DocZone DITA is bundled with full support for DITA features such as conref and DITA maps, so that it is ready to use “out of the box”. and JustSystems announced a new partnership where the companies will work together to enable businesses to leverage the value of DITA. Under the terms of the partnership agreement, is an authorized worldwide reseller of JustSystems’ DITA authoring tool, XMetaL Author Enterprise.

Clickability Launches Media Solution

Clickability announced the immediate availability of the Clickability Media Solution. The Media Solution provides a centrally managed SaaS content repository that enables large media companies to share digital content across their entire organization and publish it to multiple devices and web channels. Companies of all sizes can leverage the multi-tenant content repository as a hub for innovative content sharing, syndication and distribution strategies. Additional benefits to companies large and small include reduced operational costs through greater efficiencies and the ability to build active social media communities. The solution is designed to maximize the value of every piece of content in a customer’s repository. Content can be tagged and annotated for search and reuse. Assets can be linked and shared across channels and publications. The repository allows companies to create targeted microsites or regional portals that rely on metadata to automatically populate with appropriate content and contextual links. Clickability also offers interactive features, which includes social networking, blogging, video serving, ticketing, personalized calendars, site customization and an on-demand ad server that ties ads to specific sections and pages of a site.

ClearStory Systems Expands on Entry Level SaaS Solutions with New ActiveMedia Editions

ClearStory Systems, Inc. announced new ActiveMedia Software as a Service (SaaS) packages that offer hosted DAM services that cater to a marketing organization’s size. ClearStory will offer three ActiveMedia-based service plans for marketing workgroups, departments, and larger enterprise organizations, starting at $100 per user per month. ActiveMedia Essentials offers basic marketing services for workgroups in small organizations of 5 to 10 users. ActiveMedia Professional supports larger marketing departments of 10 to 20 users and includes full access to ActiveMedia’s standard work flow automation features. ActiveMedia Essentials and ActiveMedia Professional also provide fixed-fee deployment services and application training that ensure successful and rapid deployments. ActiveMedia Enterprise expands upon ActiveMedia Professional by increasing the number of users and storage, typically required by larger enterprise and global marketing organizations, and including options for full text search of document assets and enterprise-class video processing.

SiberSafe Hosted XML CMS Service Now Available On-Demand

SiberLogic announced SiberSafe On-Demand, a monthly subscription approach to XML content management for technical documentation teams who are looking for significant efficiency gains in producing long-lived, complex, evolving content. SiberSafe On-Demand delivers full SiberSafe functionality as an ASP service in a secure data center. Each team has full access/administrative rights to their server for system administration and configuration. SiberSafe On-Demand also includes daily content backups and SiberLogic’s technical support service. SiberSafe On-Demand “out of the box” configuration offers your choice of DTD – DITA, DocBook, or MIL-STD 2361 – with sample templates and stylesheets. Also included are SiberSafe Communicator (our XML authoring tool) and our integrated publishing tool. Alternatively, you can continue to use your own editor, such as XMetaL, Epic, or FrameMaker, or your own publishing tools. SiberSafe On-Demand costs only $799 per month for the first pair of users (one author and one reviewer) and as little as $275 per user monthly for 10+ users. There are no additional upfront costs. Anyone who signs up for SiberSafe On-Demand before the end of January 2008 will receive access for one additional author free of charge for the first year.

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