eccenca released version 20.12 of its knowledge graph software eccenca Corporate Memory. The latest releases consolidates their mission to make semantic data management technologies enterprise-ready and usable for business users. By focussing on user experience and performance eccenca Corporate Memory provides a wide array of access and integration points, a ready-to-use query catalogue, tools for data automation as well as the means for a detailed and transparent data governance. In past releases eccenca introduced enterprise-ready interactive graph visualization, automation tools for data migration and normalization, REST-API connections to query data from 3rd party applications, and mechanisms for data protection and access management. eccenca Corporate Memory 20.12 benefits:

  • Simplified building process: The DataIntegration workbench unifies all relevant views.
  • Powerful, easy-to-use reporting: Integrated connectors allow the creation of dashboards and data visualizations directly in Microsoft Power BI and Redash.
  • Business-user friendly data exploration: The catalogue of declarative data queries allows business users to access and explore data without coding.
  • Workflow automation: The updated cmemc command line tool simplifies the execution of workflows like dataset creation, update and deletion as well as updating vocabularies.
  • Ready for internationalization: Localization of the user interface and metadata with i18n language integration.
  • Enhanced data transparency and understanding: Statement annotation allows definition and documentation of additional metadata for a shared understanding of enterprise data across departments.