Dgraph Labs announced the launch of Slash Enterprise, a serverless solution for enterprises managing workloads with terabytes of data in production that can run on dedicated, multi-zone clusters with high availability deployed on AWS, Azure, or GCP. Designed for mission-critical workloads, and easily deployed to your cloud, Slash Enterprise can scale to billions of records. The Dgraph database that behind Slash Enterprise was inspired by Dgraph Labs founder and CEO Manish Jain’s work at Google on their Knowledge Graph infrastructure, and his efforts to unite all structured data at Google under a single graph indexing and serving system. Dgraph became the first database to natively support GraphQL.

  • Save DevOps resources: Your site reliability is managed by Dgraph Labs but deployed in your cloud. Slash Enterprise includes automatic full and incremental backups, encrypted EBS volumes, 24×7 strict SLA support.
  • Cloud-based solution: Slash Enterprise deploys for you in the cloud – either AWS, Azure or GCP – with full data sovereignty for stricter compliance. Enjoy dedicated machines while you take full advantage of horizontal scalability.
  • High Availability: Access all of your data, all the time. Run your mission-critical projects on dedicated, multi-zone clusters with high availability.