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Jorsek enhances easyDITA

Jorsek Inc., an SaaS provider of component content management systems (CCMS) to enterprises, announced enhancements to the easyDITA platform. These features improve both the consistency of content creation as well as the delivery of a personalized digital customer experience. easyDITA is a content management ecosystem to optimize the creation, control, and deployment of knowledge, product, and reference content for companies with sophisticated products and services, global audiences or complex regulatory compliance requirements.

The latest version of easyDITA also expands the deployment capabilities by including a new integration with Docusaurus, an open source framework for building simple websites, originally developed by Facebook. Users who need to publish content to a simple, out-of-the-box static site (1,500 topics or fewer), can now integrate with Docusaurus Static Site Generator and their preferred hosting vendors for quick documentation site deployment.

easyDITA includes expanded support for Schematron, an automated way to validate information architecture. easyDITA’s Schematron implementation will automatically check rules relating to structure and business to help you adhere to content quality rules without needing to purchase and integrate an additional tool with your authoring system. Schematron works in the background as writers create content, and prompts them with a notification if they deviate from rules. easyDITA’s XML authoring engine can now be enabled with full Schematron support.

Pitch raises $85 million to build presentation platform

Pitch, a collaborative presentation platform for modern teams, announced that it has raised an $85 million Series B funding round led by Lakestar and Tiger Global, and joined by existing Pitch investors Index Ventures and Thrive Capital. Pitch plans to use the new funding to develop its core technology and product, grow its global team, and extend its software platform across the entire presentation workflow.

  • A publishing and content ecosystem: Pitch is building a dedicated home for publishing and exchanging presentations and templates. Users will be able to discover content from creators and brands, and publish their own work directly to public profile pages.
  • Advanced presentation analytics: Pitch is building new integrated solutions for users to better distribute presentations and monitor performance. Rolling out this summer, these new features will enable secure sharing and advanced analytics within Pitch, and will give users detailed insights into the reach and readership of a presentation, and engagement levels on specific slides.
  • Narrative recording and playback: Pitch is building new ways to highlight, record, and play back presentations in any context. Designed for a more remote, asynchronous world of work, these tools will ensure presenters and recipients can engage across an expanded range of meeting formats and team workflows.

Globaledit adds creative workflow features for automation

Globaledit, provider of creative workflow management solutions, helps creative teams produce and distribute content. Globaledit’s cloud based digital asset management platform already provided project management for creatives and marketers focused on producing visual Assets. Now, the company announced a way for creative and marketing teams to automate steps throughout the entire creative & marketing workflow. Globaledit’s Marketplace and Workflow Automation Recipes optimize workflow through the complete lifecycle of an asset, ingest to distribution. This allows users to create workflow rules based on business logic to automate tasks within production processes and demonstrate how the entire technology stack can communicate.

Globaledit’s Marketplace allows organizations to choose from hundreds of apps that natively integrate with Globaledit. The Globaledit marketplace encompasses turnkey integrations with partners across project management, digital asset management and content management systems. Globaledit also is introducing iterations of existing features, including:

  • Projects allow for a customizable dashboard so project managers, creative leaders or stakeholders can manage workflows across multiple productions, teams & product lines.
  • Sync 2.0, new additions to Globaledit’s Sync tool allow creatives to automatically sync full capture sessions.
  • Enhanced Search allows users to search for assets via metadata with expandable search terms and asset recommendations.

Datalogics announces PDF processing products

Datalogics, Inc., a source for Adobe PDF and enterprise document management technologies, announced the release of Datalogics Cloud, a suite of cloud-based PDF processing products, which includes a free app on Zapier and a robust API on Amazon Web Services. The company previously offered their PDF processing products through command-line applications and Software Development Kits. The expansion to the cloud provides Datalogics users with the same enterprise-grade document management processing capabilities to create, edit and convert PDFs. The Datalogics Cloud suite includes two offerings: Datalogics PDF Utility, a free app on Zapier and Datalogics PDF Utility API, a pay-as-you-go option for spinning up your own EC2 server that powers a RESTful API via Amazon Web Services (AWS). Datalogics, Inc. specializes in offering enterprise PDF and digital document management technologies to facilitate efficient workflows and address user needs across a wide range of industries.

Twitter is acquiring Scroll

From the Twitter blog…

We’re excited to announce that Twitter is acquiring Scroll. Scroll has built a way to read articles without the ads, pop-ups, and other clutter that get in the way, cleaning up the reading experience and giving people what they want: just the content. Meanwhile, publishers who work with Scroll can bring in more revenue than they would from traditional ads on a page. It’s a better Internet for readers and for writers.

This is an opportunity for us to introduce this model to publishers on our service and make reading the news better for everyone involved. Looking ahead, Scroll will become a meaningful addition to our subscriptions work as we build and shape a future subscription service on Twitter.

We want to reimagine what they’ve built to deliver a seamless reading experience to our hyper-engaged audiences and allow publishers to deliver cleaner content that can make them more money than today’s business models. To do this, we plan to include Scroll as part of an upcoming subscription offering we’re currently exploring. As a Twitter subscriber, picture getting access to premium features where you can easily read articles from your favorite news outlet or a writer’s newsletter from Revue, with a portion of your subscription going to the publishers and writers creating the content.

Scroll will temporarily pause new sign-ups. Following the acquisition, we’ll be working to include their product into our subscription plans and prepare to grow Scroll’s publisher network. We’ll keep supporting the existing community of customers and publishers on Scroll, and new publishers interested in joining Scroll can sign up on their website for the latest updates. ▪︎

Adobe unveils updates across Adobe Experience Cloud

Adobe introduced innovations across Adobe Experience Cloud, unveiling new enterprise applications with Adobe Journey Optimizer and Adobe Customer Journey Analytics, its next generation Real-time Customer Data Platform (CDP), its Marketing System of Record through the integration of Workfront, and new Adobe Experience Platform capabilities to deliver real-time personalization and new content and intelligent commerce capabilities:

  • New Adobe Journey Optimizer: is designed to help marketers optimize the customer journey across any outbound or inbound customer touchpoint.
  • Next Generation Adobe Real-time CDP: is architected for first-party, data-driven customer acquisition and engagement. The B2B edition of Adobe Real-time CDP allows customers to bring together both individual and account profiles.
  • New Customer Journey Analytics: allow brands to integrate and standardize their online and offline customer data to visualize it in a unified view.
  • New Marketing System of Record: Adobe’s new Marketing System of Record will be the single source of truth for connecting and managing work across the marketing lifecycle.
  • Adobe Experience Manager: includes Headless Content Management System (CMS) capabilities. The new Adobe Experience Manager Assets Essentials will become the default asset management capability.
  • New Adobe Commerce Capabilities: With Adobe Sensei, Product Recommendations unlock ways for customers to discover products, and Live Search delivers fast, relevant results.
  • New Adobe Experience Platform Collection Enterprise: allows companies to use Adobe’s distributed, edge network for collecting data and sending it to Adobe’s applications and platform or any other system. And the new lightweight data collection SDKs help ensure that applications are highly performant.

IOS Press relaunches LD Connect

IOS Press, an international publisher providing content and services for scientific, technical, and medical (STM) communities, announced the relaunch of the renewed LD Connect (Linked Data Connect) website. Providing publicly available linked machine-readable metadata from all IOS Press journals and books, LD Connect has been completely rebuilt and rebranded. Located at, it features enhanced browse and semantic search capabilities, expanded data, and new tools. It also constructs artificial intelligence (AI)-powered embeddings derived from all full text data, further unsiloing research data and enriching contextual relationships.

By enriching and fostering the interlinking of data, contextual relationships among authors, institutions, and research areas can be visualized and interpreted and new relationships uncovered. LD Connect builds a knowledge graph using links between the data known as “triples” in the form of subject-predicate-object expressions. Constructed from metadata from all IOS Press content, the portal currently contains about 16 million triples that provide a complete ecosystem of IOS Press scholarly relationships. Affiliations are geocoded and authors as well as affiliations are disambiguated using a co-reference resolution script.

LD Connect lets users explore its knowledge graph by browsing or using expert level semantic search. In addition, the complete dataset, its subsets, and additional technical details can be explored and downloaded. The LD Connect team seeks collaboration with other datasets and parties and welcomes feedback and suggestions. ▪︎

Lumina Datamatics and Gutenberg Technology partner

Lumina Datamatics Inc. (LDI), a provider of content, technology, and learning analytics solutions, and Gutenberg Technology (GT), provider of a content management and distribution platform for education and training organizations, announced the formation of a new strategic partnership. Lumina Datamatics will integrate its rights and permissions and other platforms including ARTY, freelancer management with the GT platform and will license the new solution to further streamline content production for their portfolio of clients. In turn, GT’s customers will benefit from Lumina Datamatics services, such as transforming legacy content into digital-first courseware and support for production processes that cannot be fully automated.

Content publishers in both K-12 and Higher Education are adopting a digital-first model to meet their customers’ needs in real time. Together LDI and GT bring a new, effective way to manage knowledge and shape the future of content operations. In addition to the education content market, both organizations collaborate with universities, colleges, and corporations to enrich content and streamline program launch processes. This collaboration will be rolled out to existing and new clients. ▪︎

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