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Cloudflare partners with the Internet Archive to keep the Web always online

Cloudflare, Inc. announced that it has partnered with the Internet Archive, a nonprofit digital library that runs a digital archive of the World Wide Web called the Wayback Machine. By partnering with the Internet Archive, Cloudflare is strengthening its Always Online solution that makes sites available when their origin servers are down and keeps the Internet functioning for users globally.

Launched in 2010, Always Online is like insurance for websites. It caches a static version of websites, so, if for any reason, your web host or service provider goes down, it will kick in to keep your site online. Without it, a website risks reputation damage, a decreased user experience and even a drop in search ranking if the website’s origin goes offline, experiences a timeout, or otherwise breaks. Now, Cloudflare’s Always Online service will fetch the most recently archived version of a site from the Internet Archive, an additional safeguard, if one cannot be found in the local cache. To do this, the Internet Archive uses the same crawling infrastructure that has allowed its Wayback Machine to archive over 465 billion web pages to date. The Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine has been archiving the public web since 1996 and to date, has preserved and made available more than 468 billion web pages and more than 45 petabytes of information. Cloudflare customers can upgrade to the new Always Online service with one click in the Cloudflare dashboard. This will allow the Wayback Machine to crawl and archive its website at regular intervals.,

Qumu app transforms Zoom into large-scale broadcasting platform for enterprises

Qumu released a new functionality extension for Zoom. Available at no charge as part of all existing Zoom corporate licensing plans, the app allows Qumu and Zoom enterprise clients to stream live events exceeding 100,000 attendees—with no loss of video quality and no negative effect on internal networks. The app is called Qumu Stream, Record and Manage, and is available now in the official Zoom Marketplace.

Qumu Stream, Record and Manage is designed specifically for organizations looking to deliver video events securely and at scale. Once the Qumu app is installed, streaming can either be initiated automatically or via a button click directly in the Zoom interface. The extension also supports global attendee bases, unlimited presenters and any browser-based end-user device—as well as virtual event management features like event registration, transcription, translation, user analytics, compliance tracking and attendee reporting.

Connatix launches Video Insights Engine for publishers

Connatix announced the launch of a proprietary Video Insights Engine. This new capability will leverage advanced machine learning to automatically analyze the visuals and audio within a publisher’s video content to help bring greater efficiency to editorial workflows with automatic video indexing, derive new insights from content performance, and help scale contextual offerings. The Video Insights Engine is available in Elements, their online video platform (OVP) for publishers. The Video Insights Engine is a result of last year’s acquisition and integration of Kamidoo, a company that specializes in natural language processing, and is the first installment of the technology within the Elements platform. Connatix uses its proprietary technology with natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning to identify:

  • Content categories: Automatically assigns categories and sub-categories to video content.
  • Detects brands and companies: Recognizes brands and companies mentioned and/or detected in videos.
  • Flags mentions of famous individuals.
  • Determines sentiment of video content: Provides a breakout of the positive, negative, and neutral emotions detected in videos.

This automatic video indexing and categorization technology comes as a complementary offering to Connatix’s contextual page analysis capabilities.

Varnish Software adds Digital Element’s IP Intelligence for localizing content and managing web traffic

Digital Element, a global IP geolocation and audience insights provider, announced that Varnish Software has integrated its NetAcuity Pulse dataset into the company’s caching technology to enable ultra-high-speed delivery of personalized, location-based web content. Digital Element’s IP geolocation data will be incorporated into the Varnish Enterprise solution, caching technology that puts content closer to users while protecting critical infrastructure from the effects of huge demand. Varnish Enterprise brings performance, resilience and flexibility to content delivery operations such as live streaming, video on demand and dynamic web pages.

Perfect Sense announces rebrand as Brightspot

Perfect Sense announced it will rebrand the company as Brightspot, the name of its flagship Content Business Platform product. Brightspot’s Content Business Platform helps customers transform their content businesses and make an impact with their customers, partners and stakeholders. The Brightspot Content Business Platform was designed to replace traditional content management systems (CMS) to fully enable the digital transformation needs of the modern enterprise, and was designed by publishers and developers with an extensible architecture and the ability to be integration ready to solve unique business priorities no matter their business logic, workflows or content types.

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