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Access Innovations and SiteFusion ProConsult to deliver content management solutions

Access Innovations, Inc., provider of Data Harmony software solutions, announced a partnership with SiteFusion ProConsult LLC, the North American joint venture of SiteFusion GmbH and EBCONT proconsult GmbH. SiteFusion’s  content management system for publishers can leverage the taxonomy management and semantic metadata enrichment capabilities of Data Harmony.  Workflows can be configured to instantiate an automated metadata enrichment step to make the publications or content more findable and discoverable.  In addition, publishers can analyze text content and complete entity identification (people, places, things, etc.), which is important to meet governance requirements.


Databricks announces lakehouse offering for media and entertainment

Databricks launched a lakehouse platform for data-driven businesses in the media and entertainment industry. The Lakehouse for Media & Entertainment enables organizations across the media ecosystem to deliver better data and AI outcomes for consumers, advertisers and media partners with a single and collaborative platform for data, analytics, and AI. Databricks is also working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and industry partners like Cognizant, Fivetran, Labelbox and Lovelytics.

With use case accelerators, custom Brickbuilder Solutions and a partner ecosystem, businesses will be able to deliver a personalized consumer experience, prepare for consumer analytics, and provide collaboration and secure data sharing among media teams. The Lakehouse for Media and Entertainment incorporates data solutions and accelerators for use cases like AI-driven recommendation engines, customer lifetime value and churn, quality of experience, community toxicity analysis, and advertising optimization.

With Databricks, organizations can leverage all of their data to build a holistic view of their audience and advertisers, make real-time decisions and drive innovation with advanced analytics. With business intelligence (BI), and AI capabilities on all data types, Databricks enables media organizations to use all of their data – including images, video and other unstructured data types – to develop a holistic understanding of their customers.

Brightspot and ethinking partner to deliver CMS transformation

Brightspot, a content management system (CMS) provider, has announced a partnership with ethinking, a Berlin-based digital agency. Brightspot and ethinking will be partnering on their first joint customer project with RTL Luxembourg, a media organization in Luxembourg. In this joint project, both partners will work to migrate RTL Luxembourg’s current CMS to the next generation BrightspotCMS. Additional client updates include ethinking’s implementation of ‘XP Layer’ for the RTL Luxembourg user platform, headless low-code software developed to act as an interface between data sources and content channels.

With XP Layer, the CMS can be centrally controlled with websites, apps and other digital playout channels, and expanded and connected with all conceivable sources. The solution connects all necessary services and sources of a business-oriented platform, controlled by a widget-based construction kit, without requiring deep IT intervention.

Beyond the RTL Luxembourg project, both companies plan to continue future collaboration opportunities to bring Brightspot CMS and ethinking XP Layer to a wider net of content-focused organizations. This new project and subsequent initiatives come on the heels of Brightspot’s expansion to its ‘API-first capabilities’ partner program.

Adobe unveils new capabilities for personalizing experiences

At their annual Adobe Summit Adobe announced new capabilities powered by Adobe Sensei, Adobe’s artificial intelligence (AI) engine, that are embedded throughout Adobe Experience Cloud. These new capabilities – which enable businesses to deliver seamless customer journeys – build upon hundreds of AI and machine learning (ML) innovations that are already embedded throughout Adobe’s products. Over 80% of Adobe Experience Cloud customers already use AI features to power their digital experiences. The AI capabilities announced today include product recommendations, live search results, intelligent budget forecasting and allocation, cross-channel budget optimization and intelligent content creation and delivery. New AI and ML capabilities embedded throughout Adobe Experience Cloud provide brands with additional opportunities to drive efficiency, revenue and business growth, include:

  • Sales opportunity predictions (Adobe Real-Time CDP)
  • Cross-channel budget optimization (Customer Journey Analytics)
  • AI-driven product recommendations and live search results (Adobe Commerce)
  • Intelligent budget forecasting and allocation (Attribution AI)

Adobe also made announcements about the release of Adobe Experience Cloud for Healthcare, new developer tools and partners, and new 3D and augmented reality (AR) tools for immersive experiences. See all their news at:

Wrike announces Cloud Content Connector for DAM

Wrike, a work management platform, now part of Citrix, announced the new Cloud Content Connector, which integrates digital asset management (DAM) systems with Wrike, allowing teams to create a single, seamless workflow, from asset creation to publishing.

Cloud Content Connector is a universal API that enables Wrike to integrate with any DAM system of a customer’s choice. Once connected, a two-way sync is enabled so teams can manage work in their DAM solution and Wrike simultaneously. Wrike’s Cloud Content Connector is DAM-agnostic and allows teams to integrate with multiple solutions/DAM platforms. Customers can power their creative process in a single place, and can access the most up-to-date versions in any stage of production. By eliminating app toggling and version control issues, teams can focus more on creativity and getting campaigns to market faster.

Wrike’s DAM partners includes MediaValet, Bynder, and Tenovos. Additionally, Wrike launched its integration with ShareFile, available through Cloud Content Connector. ShareFile is a secure file sharing and transfer service for businesses. With this new integration, Wrike is streamlining content-based workflows like RFPs and M&As by putting them in a dynamic work structure.

Syncro Soft releases Oxygen XML suite 24.1

Syncro Soft, the developer of the Oxygen XML suite of products, announced the availability of version 24.1 of its XML suite of products: Oxygen XML Editor, Author, Developer, Web Author, Publishing Engine, WebHelp, PDF Chemistry, and Oxygen XML Scripting.

This release includes productivity improvements for DITA authors and publishers, including the possibility to rename referenced non-DITA resources directly in the DITA Maps Manager and performance enhancement when opening DITA maps with all of the referenced content expanded. On the DITA publishing side, the bundled DITA Open Toolkit includes improvements, and new customization possibilities were implemented for DITA to WebHelp and CSS-based PDF output.

The JSON Schema Design models has a new Palette view that makes it easy to build JSON schemas and content completion is now available for in-place editing within the diagram. Some of the existing JSON tools were also enhanced. Add-ons were a focus of this release, and a new Smart Autocomplete add-on is also available to help writers create content by providing text completions. The Oxygen XML Web Author now features a new Search side-view that makes it easier to find and replace content, support for @ mentions, and various security and component updates were also implemented.

Cloudinary acquires Indivio

Cloudinary, a media experience platform, announced its acquisition of Indivio, a video software company that helps modern marketing teams create and deliver high-performing, data-driven video campaigns faster. The entire Indivio team has joined Cloudinary, with CEO and co-founder Josh Dorward becoming Managing Director of the company’s newly formed Video Creative Automation business line.

Cloudinary’s automated, AI-based approach to media management and experience allows brands to create and deliver digital experiences without the challenges that come from trying to manage all that’s needed to do so at scale. With Indivio’s offering marketing teams can:

  • Scale the volume and frequency of on-brand creative content without overburdening creative teams. Brands can use dynamic templates and content from a variety of sources, including live product detail pages, to automatically create highly relevant and personalized videos.
  • Streamline creative onboarding with support for tools like Adobe After Effects.
  • Accelerate the QA of dynamic video creative.

Cloudinary will continue to fully support the Indivio product line. It also plans to leverage Indivio’s technology to develop a fully integrated video creative automation experience within the Cloudinary media experience platform.


Syncro Soft announces Oxygen Feedback version 2.0 for cloud and enterprise editions

The Oxygen Feedback commenting platform provides a simple and efficient way for your community to interact and offer feedback. It is specialized for technical documentation and can be easily integrated with Oxygen XML Editor/Author to make it more efficient for content authors to manage comments and react to community feedback. Version 2.0 of Oxygen Feedback offers new enhancements for the modern commenting platform, the most significant addition being the introduction of the organization concept in the Oxygen Feedback workflow, offering increased data security, streamlined workflows, and more customization possibilities.

The administration interface was redesigned for more efficient access to its various parts and for aggregating data and UI controls in one place. Improvements were also made to the Feedback commenting component that appears in the output (for example, the presentation of block-level comments was enhanced and there are more personalization options). This release also includes other productivity improvements, bug fixes, and security enhancements.

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