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This category includes editorial and news blog posts related to content management and content strategy. For older, long form reports, papers, and research on these topics see our Resources page.

Content management is a broad topic that refers to the management of unstructured or semi-structured content as a standalone system or a component of another system. Varieties of content management systems (CMS) include: web content management (WCM), enterprise content management (ECM), component content management (CCM), and digital asset management (DAM) systems. Content management systems are also now widely marketed as Digital Experience Management (DEM or DXM, DXP), and Customer Experience Management (CEM or CXM) systems or platforms, and may include additional marketing technology functions.

Content strategy topics include information architecture, content and information models, content globalization, and localization.

For some historical perspective see:

Bridgeline releases Zeus Update with Concept and Image Search

Bridgeline Digital, Inc. announced that Smart Search by HawkSearch, featuring AI powered concept and image search with Generative AI (GenAI) capabilities, is now available to the general public. Smart Search leverages the latest advancements in AI, including large language models (LLMs) and vector databases, to enhance online shopping search functionality. Smart Search includes:

  • Concept Search understands the intent behind a customer’s search to find products that are more relevant to the customer’s needs. A customer can describe what they need to automatically create a shopping list. For example, if a customer tells an online flower store, “find white flowers to plant in Southern California with fragrant blooms to attract bees,” Smart Search would return Gardenia and Star Jasmine.
  • Image Search allows online shoppers to shop with photos from their cell phone or online images. A shopper could go to the above gardening website and upload a photo of a garden to automatically load their shopping cart with similar flowers and trees.
  • GenAI automatically creates, corrects, or expands descriptions of products in your catalog. GenAI also creates landing pages with keywords for each product.

Smart Search supports 50 languages even if the site is primarily in English.

TransPerfect acquires TheSpeech

TransPerfect, a provider of language and AI solutions for global business, today announced that it has acquired TheSpeech, a remote simultaneous interpretation platform for multilingual events. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

TheSpeech’s self-service platform enables customers to have their live events interpreted from multiple source languages to multiple target languages and broadcast live to any size audience, anywhere around the world. Key features of TheSpeech include:

  • Support for live, online, and hybrid events
  • 150+ languages
  • Closed captions for deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers
  • Support for nearly all platforms and configurations
  • Data collection and statistics for meeting organizers to be informed on engagement while being GDPR compliant
  • No hardware rental required and nothing to physically install

TheSpeech will continue to be led by CEO Peter Cselenyi, who will join TransPerfect’s management team. Cselenyi has served as CEO since founding the company in 2015 with partners Peter Vincze and Virag Vinceffy. TransPerfect was advised on the transaction by DLA Piper Hungary. TheSpeech was advised by Andersen Legal Hungary.


Adobe and Microsoft partner on GenAI for marketers

Adobe and Microsoft announced plans to bring Adobe Experience Cloud workflows and insights to Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365 to help marketers overcome application and data silos and manage workflows. The integration bring marketing insights and workflows from Adobe Experience Cloud applications and Microsoft Dynamics 365 to Microsoft Copilot, assisting marketers as they work in tools such as Outlook, Microsoft Teams and Word to develop creative briefs, create content, and manage content approvals. Initial capabilities will focus on:

  • Strategic insights in the flow of work: Campaign insights from Adobe Experience Cloud applications such as Adobe Customer Journey Analytics and Adobe Workfront, combined with Dynamics 365, the Copilot for Microsoft 365 experience helps marketers get quick insights and updates in Outlook, Teams and Word. Marketers can ask questions to get the status of a marketing project, understand campaign effectiveness, outstanding approvals, and actions to take.
  • Create campaign briefs, presentations, website updates and emails with relevant context: Marketers can also create imagery with Adobe Firefly generative AI and create content in Word that gets published directly to channels such as web and mobile.

Ontotext updates LinkedLifeData Inventory solution

Ontotext, a provider of enterprise knowledge graph (EKG) technology and semantic database engines, announced the latest version of its LinkedLifeData (LLD) Inventory solution, an accelerator for building knowledge graphs. Providing 200+ semantic-ready biomedical datasets, and available immediately, LinkedLifeData Inventory 1.4 serves as a resource for the scientific community, fostering multidisciplinary exploration and analysis across various facets of Life Sciences and Healthcare research.

Covering data in multiple modalities, such as genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, molecular interactions, and biological processes, LinkedLifeData Inventory allows healthcare and life sciences professionals to access public datasets and ontologies in Resource Description Framework (RDF) format to ensure semantic richness and interoperability, facilitate advanced data integration, semantic querying, and insight generation in alignment with FAIR data principles.

LinkedLifeData Inventory helps pharma companies discover and repurpose existing drugs to treat rare and newly identified diseases. Biotech companies leverage LLD Inventory to identify new drug targets and build model datasets, while research teams use it to efficiently navigate the huge volume and wide range of data about genes, proteins, compounds, diseases, etc. Enhancements include:

  • Automated data ingestion and updating
  • Entity linking and improved metadata governance
  • AI-generated Gene-disease link prediction datasets
  • Newly added datasets
  • Transformation of complex derivative datasets

Chetu partners with Brightspot

Chetu, a software solutions and support services provider, announced its partnership with Brightspot, a Content Management System (CMS) provider, to deliver additional capabilities as the content program evolves. 

As a Brightspot partner, Chetu’s expertise in CMS software development across various industries complements Brightspot’s mission to provide an API-first platform that can deliver and execute CMS projects quickly.

By leveraging Chetu’s expertise in custom software solutions, Brightspot’s API-first platform will be open to a new audience of developers and end users. This strategic partnership empowers businesses to elevate any existing content management system.

Verndale acquires Yaksa

Verndale, a digital experience agency headquartered in Boston, MA, announced today the acquisition of Yaksa, a digital commerce experience agency based in Montréal, QC. This strategic acquisition aims to enhance Verndale’s market presence, expand its service offerings, and deliver greater value to clients. With this acquisition, Verndale is now one of the larger independent digital experience agencies serving both the US and Canadian markets.

Yaksa’s team brings deep ecommerce implementation expertise in top digital commerce and digital experience platforms (DXP), including Optimizely, Umbraco, Orckestra Commerce, and more. This expertise expands Verndale’s position in both B2B and B2C enterprise and mid-market ecommerce solutions. The combined forces of the newly integrated entity will be better equipped to meet the evolving needs of clients in today’s dynamic digital landscape, providing end-to-end solutions including digital strategy, design, ecommerce, website development, optimization, digital marketing, customer relationship management (CRM), and configure price quote (CPQ) tools. Yaksa will continue to operate under its existing brand for the short term, with plans for integration into Verndale in the coming months.


Clarifai and Deepgram announce partnership

Clarifai, an AI platform provider, announced a strategic partnership with Deepgram, a vendor of automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology. This strategic alliance combines Deepgram’s speech-to-text models with Clarifai’s platform for building and deploying AI. It offers developers, teams, and organizations a fast way to build AI applications with voice.

The partnership focuses on Deepgram’s speech-to-text technology, known for its high accuracy and adaptability across various industries, with Clarifai’s AI platform, that simplifies the process of creating and deploying Large Language Models (LLMs), data labeling, and modeling unstructured image, video, text, and audio data. By integrating Deepgram’s expertise into the Clarifai platform, developers can now harness the power of accurate speech recognition, opening new possibilities for voice-driven AI applications.

RWS launches the Component Content Alliance (CCA)

RWS, a provider of technology-enabled language, content and intellectual property solutions, announces the launch of the Component Content Alliance (CCA), a global community that brings together content experts, thought leaders and technical professionals to collaborate, share insights and drive innovation in component content development. 

The CCA, which first launched with a LinkedIn Community, offers members exclusive access to webinars, conferences and workshops where industry leaders share insights and best practice across a range of topics related to component content. Open collaboration is encouraged through discussions, shared resources and joint projects. 

The alliance also offers members access to the CCA Hub, a collection of educational resources and industry events where professionals can help collectively shape the future of content componentization and structured content authoring. Members also gain access to a comprehensive repository of aggregated content to leverage in their own organizations.

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