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This category is focused on enterprise / workplace collaboration tools and strategies, including office suites, intranets, knowledge management, and enterprise adoption of social media tools and approaches.

M-Files launches new web client

M-Files Corporation announced a new Web Client. Optimized for daily use, the new Web Client offers a simplified user interface that helps customers more easily adopt the M-Files solution. The Web Client brings a consumer-like experience to the daily work of ECM users, helping deliver new efficiencies in their information management operations. The Web Client integrates with Microsoft Office for creating and editing documents, and offers an intuitive approach for archiving documents, tagging documents with metadata, or sharing documents with colleagues. The improved search functionality with more search options and a fast search experience helps users find what they need faster, more accurately, and more easily than before. With the launch of its new web experience, spanning from the new web client and a broad set of integrations for widespread platforms such as Microsoft 365, SharePoint and Teams, Google Workspace, and Salesforce, users now can individually choose their preferred day-to-day working environment and take advantage of the benefits that M-Files offers, such as auto-classification and smart metadata.

Adobe completes acquisition of Workfront

Adobe announced the completion of its acquisition of Workfront, the work management platform for marketers with more than 3,000 customers and one million users. Adobe’s acquisition of Workfront will bring efficiency, collaboration and productivity gains to marketing teams currently challenged with siloed work management solutions. Both companies are established partners with strong product synergies and a growing base of over 1,000 shared customers.

Satisfying the increasing expectations of B2B and B2C customers requires large volumes of content and personalized marketing campaigns delivered at lightning speed and scale. This must be accomplished across increasingly dispersed teams, as remote work becomes prevalent in today’s environment and the future of work is redefined. Workfront has deep experience in orchestrating marketing workflows. Workfront’s platform is agile and architected for the enterprise, with extensive integration capabilities that can be easily configured to meet the varied needs of companies of all sizes. Workfront is equipped with APIs that enable a seamless connection to Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Experience Cloud for creative workflows and customer experience management. With the acquisition now closed, Workfront CEO Alex Shootman will continue to lead the Workfront team, reporting to Anil Chakravarthy.,

Blue Prism accelerates intelligent automation on Microsoft Azure

Blue Prism announced a new offering of Blue Prism intelligent automation software on Microsoft’s AppSource and Azure Marketplaces. The move enhances access for both Blue Prism and Microsoft customers. Blue Prism customers already have access to a scalable, enterprise-ready platform that combines robotic automation and smart workflows with technologies like machine learning, advanced analytics, natural language processing, process mining, and cognitive capabilities, and this offering allows Blue Prism robots greater access to Microsoft Azure Apps too, with access to over 175 accelerators for Microsoft products within Blue Prism’s Digital Exchange.

The new Bring Your Own License (BYOL) offering for Azure Marketplace and AppSource is pre-loaded with select Azure Cognitive Services – including Azure Text Analytics, Azure Form Recognizer and Azure Computer Vision – all of which customers can license directly through Microsoft. This combines with Blue Prism Digital Exchange where users can access more than 175 accelerators for Microsoft products to enhance their enterprise automations. Blue Prism accelerators now exists for Microsoft Power Platform, Microsoft’s Power Automate gallery, Microsoft’s Healthcare Cloud; with Form Recognizer, Text Analytics and Azure Computer Vision.

iManage delivers enhanced user experience and extended capabilities

iManage announced new platform enhancements to provide a modern, feature-rich, SaaS-based Work Product Management Platform to improve knowledge professional productivity, and security. The new version improves the user experience, delivers increased organizational agility, and helps iManage users productively manage remote and mobile work in a single, integrated platform. Highlights include:

  • Improved user experience: An interactive, drag-and-drop file tree allows users to navigate large, complex workspaces, and manage large numbers of files with fewer clicks. New workflows make creating and moving folders and adding document references simple and help speed access to information.
  • Expanded search: Enhanced search capabilities enable users to search and find documents and emails with increased accuracy directly from Outlook.
  • Offline workspace synching: iManage Drive makes mobile productivity easy by enabling entire workspaces to be taken offline for remote work. When users reconnect, these workspaces are automatically synced in iManage.

With iManage Cloud, customer infrastructure is managed remotely. iManage Cloud enables customers to respond to changing conditions quickly.

Panopto adds collaboration features for rapid knowledge sharing

Panopto, a video management system provider for enterprise and higher education, announced new features that make it easy for users to discover and share knowledge through on-demand videos and meeting recordings. Creators now have new ways to increase visibility of their videos, and viewers have easy ways to follow creators and topics of interest to them. The new features include:

  • Tags. Content creators and administrators can now apply tags to videos and manage the set of tags available on their site. From the library and the viewer interfaces, users can see the tags applied to each video and find other tagged videos with a single click.
  • Sharing moments in a video. Viewers can share a link to a specific point in a video from the viewer interface. As long as the sharing recipient has permission to view the video, they will be taken to the exact moment in the video that was shared. This feature is especially useful for employees and students collaborating on projects or sharing moments from recorded meetings.
  • Subscriptions. Viewers can now subscribe to secure videos from specific creators, tags, and folders, surfacing the content that is most important to them right on their homepage.

Microsoft 365 updates for Mac users

Microsoft announced a number of updates for Macs and new versions of Microsoft 365 for Mac apps that run natively on Macs with M1. Office apps, Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote will take full advantage of the performance improvements on new Macs. The new apps are Universal so they will continue to run on Macs with Intel processors, and have been redesigned to match the new look of macOS Big Sur. Microsoft Teams is currently available in Rosetta emulation mode on Macs with M1 and the browser. We are working on universal app support for M1 Macs and will share more news as our work progresses.

The new Outlook for Mac is redesigned to match the look of macOS Big Sur, and an updated Office Start experience for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote for Mac that incorporates the Fluent UI design system. There is now support for iCloud accounts in the new Outlook for Mac. Other office productivity tools include natural language search, data extraction from photos to Excel, voice command additions, additional synchronization and sharing tools, a new modern commenting experience in Word for Mac, and Microsoft Information Protection sensitivity labels to classify and protect data through manual and automatic content labeling. For more details and availability see:

Cisco announces new Webex App Hub

Cisco announced a new Webex App Hub at WebexOne. The new Webex App Hub is a collaboration app ecosystem that includes prebuilt integrations. These integrations make it easy for users to move seamlessly between their favorite apps and for IT to simplify workloads by adding Webex into existing applications. Our platform starts with a programmability and extensibility layer via our open APIs and SDKs. This lets anyone get the capabilities they need with Webex, across calling, messaging, meetings, devices, intelligence and analytics. Integrations in the announcement include: Box, Dropbox, Miro, MURAL, Salesforce, ServiceNow and Workplace from Facebook, with more coming soon.

The App Hub is where we make it easy for users to find and use integrations within a Webex messaging space, and soon you’ll be able to experience the same thing in a Webex meeting. Users will be able to add and collaborate with third-party applications while in a Webex meeting, then save the work to follow up afterwards. The App Hub is also for IT managers who are looking to make native integrations company-wide.

Glue updates collaboration platform

Glue Collaboration, provider of collaborative, real-time VR software services, announced a new release of Glue that enables greater immersion and frictionless interaction for remote teams as they co-create, learn, plan and share. Glue provides shared virtual environments where dispersed participants can come together as if they were face to face in a real physical space. Appealing to people’s visual, haptic and auditory senses, Glue provides a level of immersion in remote meetings simply not possible with conventional video conferencing software.

Glue introduced new expressive avatars that use artificial intelligence and advanced graphics to more closely mimic people’s behavior and features to make communication feel as natural as it does in the real world. Using the new built-in avatar configurator, users can also create their own avatar, adjusting face shape and features, hair and clothing as well as customizing colors. Millions of permutations are possible. The new operating system comes with speech-to-text technology, a new whiteboard for ideation, now also accessible to non-VR Glue users, as well as a camera that zooms and shoots in the resolution users choose. Glue has also made improvements to the way users manage their teams, files and spaces.

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