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Day: October 19, 2022

TigerGraph to support openCypher in GSQL

TigerGraph, provider of an advanced analytics and ML platform for connected data, announced its commitment to support openCypher, a popular query language for building graph database applications. Developers can now access a limited preview translation tool to learn how openCypher support will appear in TigerGraph’s flagship graph query language, GSQL. Support for openCypher will give developers more choice to build or migrate graph applications to TigerGraph’s scalable, secure, and managed graph database platform.

The openCypher-to-GSQL translation tool is now available to the openCypher developer community to access a side-by-side comparison of openCypher queries and the equivalent GSQL queries with proposed openCypher syntax support. With this limited preview, developers are encouraged to learn how openCypher will appear in GSQL and provide feedback to guide the incremental buildout of full support features. Those who want to learn advanced GSQL can now access TigerGraph’s offerings, including its distributed computing database, in-database machine learning workbench, and graph data science library, which consists of more than 55 graph algorithms.

TigerGraph’s openCypher support aligns with support for industry standard GQL. TigerGraph serves on the ISO steering committee that is developing GQL, the new international standard query language that will be available in early 2024.

Altova announces Version 2023

Altova announced the release of Version 2023 of its desktop developer tools, server software, and regulatory solutions. The version includes dark mode, as well as a modern new light mode, in the company’s products. Altova also introduces a new XML Schema Manager that provides a centralized mechanism for downloading, installing, and managing industry-standard schemas for convenient use across the product line. New features across the product line include:

  • New Dark and Light modes in XMLSpy and MapForce
  • Altova XML Schema Manager: a centralized tool for downloading and managing industry-standard DTDs and XSDs for use with all XML-enabled Altova products. This also offers a streamlined way to work with schema versions that become available outside the Altova product release schedule.
  • Support for additional EDI formats in MapForce: for converting and integrating EDI with other data, MapForce 2023 now supports ODETTE messages, which are used by the auto industry in Europe.
  • Support for additional database versions across the product line: Altova products support all major relational database types.
  • New Altova ESEF XBRL Add-in for Excel: this add-in allows financial professionals to prepare ESEF (European Single Electronic Format) reports in valid XBRL as mandated by EU regulatory agencies, all in Excel.

Gilbane Advisor 10-19-22 — WebAssembly, open-source indexes

This week we feature articles by Chase Roberts, and Bogdan Semenov.

Additional reading from Bagavath Subramaniam, M.G. Siegler, Daniel Tunkelang, and Diego Zavala, Christiaan Brand, Ali Naddaf, & Ken Buchanan.

News comes from AvePoint & Microsoft, MongoDB, Squarespace, Fivetran & Microsoft, and Crownpeak & ilumino.

If you’ve missed any of the past 60 issues you can see them here; those, as well as all earlier issues can be found here.

Opinion / Analysis

WebAssembly (Wasm): The future looks bright

Rather than describe the technology and its features, I will focus on why Wasm represents a technology that rights a few of the wrongs of software architecture design patterns. Said another way, Wasm resolves a handful of software development anti-patterns.

So says Chase Roberts, and Wasm is something software developers should be paying attention to. Roberts provides useful resource links, and adds his own view of WebAssembly’s value along with Amazon’s reasoning for adopting Wasm. (6 min).

Introducing open-source indexes: databases, headless CMSs and static site generators

Daily-updated indexes for open-source databases, headless content management systems and static site generators. Based on active contributors and other metrics. 

Bogdan Semenov describes this useful resource for anyone evaluating open source solutions. (7 min).

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Content technology news

AvePoint partners with Microsoft to launch Microsoft Syntex

Microsoft Syntex cloud computing and artificial intelligence transform how content is created, processed, and discovered in Microsoft 365.

MongoDB announces pay-as-you-go offering on Azure

Developers can access a free trial along with streamlined billing and procurement experience using Azure accounts to pay for Atlas usage.

Fivetran adds support for Microsoft’s Intelligent Data Platform

Fivetran supports the Intelligent Data Platform by integrating with Azure Synapse and providing high-quality data movement across the ecosystem.

Squarespace announces Refresh

with 100+ new product capabilities and features to monetize an audience, build a brand, and manage a business with monetization and design.

Crownpeak acquires ilumino

Expanding Crownpeak’s automated accessibility technology with ilumino’s subject matter expertise in digital accessibility and usability.

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