Altova announced the release of Version 2023 of its desktop developer tools, server software, and regulatory solutions. The version includes dark mode, as well as a modern new light mode, in the company’s products. Altova also introduces a new XML Schema Manager that provides a centralized mechanism for downloading, installing, and managing industry-standard schemas for convenient use across the product line. New features across the product line include:

  • New Dark and Light modes in XMLSpy and MapForce
  • Altova XML Schema Manager: a centralized tool for downloading and managing industry-standard DTDs and XSDs for use with all XML-enabled Altova products. This also offers a streamlined way to work with schema versions that become available outside the Altova product release schedule.
  • Support for additional EDI formats in MapForce: for converting and integrating EDI with other data, MapForce 2023 now supports ODETTE messages, which are used by the auto industry in Europe.
  • Support for additional database versions across the product line: Altova products support all major relational database types.
  • New Altova ESEF XBRL Add-in for Excel: this add-in allows financial professionals to prepare ESEF (European Single Electronic Format) reports in valid XBRL as mandated by EU regulatory agencies, all in Excel.