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Day: October 12, 2022

Fivetran adds support for Microsoft’s Intelligent Data Platform

Fivetran announced an extended partnership and new product capabilities with Microsoft Azure to help joint customers accelerate their data-driven digital transformations. The partnership between Fivetran and Microsoft Azure includes support for the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform, in addition to integrations with Azure Synapse and Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS) products, to help deliver a more seamless solution for automated data movement in the enterprise. 

The Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform is a set of comprehensive, integrated Azure data and analytics services that help reduce friction in data flows across enterprise data. Fivetran supports the Intelligent Data Platform by integrating with Azure Synapse and providing reliable, high-quality data movement across the ecosystem. As a result, Fivetran and Microsoft joint customers can accelerate value creation from their data assets. Fivetran plans to add an integration supporting data replication with its high-volume agent (HVA) connectors to ADLS Gen2 as a destination.  

The integration enables Microsoft customers to take advantage of the scale, automation and performance of a modern data stack with Fivetran and Microsoft Azure. With data consolidation and transformation workloads occurring in the Azure cloud, Fivetran customers will benefit from more comprehensive analytics and insights using additional Azure data services.

AvePoint partners with Microsoft to launch Microsoft Syntex

AvePoint announced it is one of the featured partners for the launch of Microsoft Syntex, which uses advancements in cloud computing and artificial intelligence to transform how content is created, processed and discovered in Microsoft 365. Microsoft Syntex is adding new capabilities to use advanced AI and machine teaching to amplify human expertise, automate content processing and transform content into knowledge.

  • Backup and Restore: Microsoft Syntex now offers the ability to backup and restore SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, and OneDrive. When combined with AvePoint’s data protection solutions for Microsoft 365, organizations can have a backup solution that enables them to own their service level agreements, protect data, and maintain flexibility in where data is stored.
  • Information Management: Enables organizations to archive entire site collections within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem, allowing organizations to index the content for eDiscovery and compliance. When combined with AvePoint’s information lifecycle management solution across Microsoft 365, this enhancement provides organizations with control of their records from creation and classification to retention and disposal in a single platform.
  • Content Management: Microsoft Syntex gives IT administrators visibility into sharing links and sensitive files in SharePoint sites, with the ability to then initiate reviews by those responsible.

MongoDB announces pay-as-you-go offering on Azure

MongoDB, Inc. announced that it will make it easier for developers to build data rich applications with a pay as you go experience of MongoDB Atlas within the Azure Marketplace & Portal. By engaging MongoDB Atlas through the Azure Marketplace, developers can access a free trial along with streamlined billing and procurement using their Azure accounts to pay for their Atlas usage.

MongoDB is among the initial set of partners participating in the launch of Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform Partner Ecosystem, which was announced at Ignite 2022. This integration provides developers with the ability to work with the platform of their choice to build on while also meeting the stringent requirements of Corp IT without impacting the speed of innovation. Microsoft customers leveraging MongoDB Atlas can take advantage of:

  • Ecosystem integrations including Synapse, Power BI, Purview, PowerApps, and PowerAutomate to add MongoDB Atlas to existing AI / ML / IoT / and Analytic architectures.
  • Security features such as always-on authentication, network isolation, end-to-end encryption, and role-based access controls to protect data.
  • Build full-text search, run real-time analytics, share visualizations, and sync to the edge with integrated and native Atlas data services that require no manual data replication or additional infrastructure.

Gilbane Advisor 10-12-22 — GraphQL, XR glasses

This week we feature articles by Kingsley Uyi Idehen, and Avi Bar-Zeev.

Additional reading from Emily M. Bender, Sana Behnam & Raluca Budiu, Mimi Chen, Calvin Lei, & Amit Yadav, and Stephen O’Grady.

News comes from Apollo, Optimizely, Confluent, and Elastic.

If you’ve missed any of the past 59 issues you can see them here; those, as well as all earlier issues can be found here.

Opinion / Analysis

What GraphQL brings to data access

Data remains the fundamental fuel that drives computing while emerging trends paradoxically remain an area rife with confusion. This post covers the role of GraphQL in the grand scheme of data access across the enterprise and world wide web.

Kingsley Uyi Idehen explains the role and value GraphQL brings to data access and digital transformation initiatives, and provides helpful context for IT and technical business analysts who are in the early stages of modernizing. (5 min).

The road to all-day XR glasses

Avi Bar-Zeev wrote this article in July, but it is especially relevant this week given Meta’s Connect event and announcement of their Quest Pro headset. Bar-Zeev has been involved in “about ten different XR headset projects”, and is especially interested in what it will take to deliver consumer-ready all-day wearable AR glasses — he does not think we are close. This probably won’t be a surprise to many if you, but if you want to be well-informed on this topic you need to read this. (14 min).

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