Elastic announced updates across the Elastic Search Platform, a data analytics platform for search-powered solutions, including:

  • Simplifying the Elastic Cloud on AWS Experience Enabling customers to ingest data from any AWS service into Elastic Cloud on AWS directly from the AWS Marketplace with just three clicks.
  • Improving search relevance with machine learning-based hybrid scoring
  • Combining traditional keyword scoring with vector search scoring capabilities.

They also announced plans to develop stateless Elasticsearch, a new, fully cloud-native architecture. The stateless architecture will fully decouple compute and storage services, enabling customers to store and search all of their data in stateless object storage services such as Amazon S3, Azure Blob Store, and Google Cloud Storage.

A private beta version of a new Universal Profiling and additional synthetic monitoring capabilities to provide visibility into how application code and infrastructure are performing at all times, in production and across a wide range of languages, in both containerized and non-containerized environments was introduced, as well as a new managed testing infrastructure within Elastic Uptime to enable customers to schedule tests from a global network of testing agents for greater visibility into regional variances, also in beta.