Confluent, Inc., a data streaming provider, announced a new capabilities for Stream Governance, a managed governance suite for Apache Kafka and data in motion. With Stream Governance Advanced, organizations can resolve issues within complex pipelines easier with point-in-time lineage, discover and understand topics faster with business metadata, and enforce quality controls globally with Schema Registry. With more teams able to safely and confidently access data streams, organizations can build critical applications faster. New capabilities include:

  • Point-in-time playbacks for Stream Lineage: Troubleshooting complex data streams is now faster with the ability to understand where, when, and how data streams have changed over time. Point-in-time lineage provides a look back into a data stream’s history.
  • Business metadata for Stream Catalog: Improve data discovery with the ability to build more contextual, detail-rich catalogs of data streams. Alongside tagging, business metadata gives individual users the ability to add custom, open-form details represented as key-value pairs to entities they create such as topics.
  • Exploring the catalog is now easier with GraphQL API.
  • Globally available Schema Registry for Stream Quality: With global availability of Schema Registry to 28 regions, teams have flexibility to manage schemas alongside their Kafka clusters to maintain compliance requirements and data sovereignty.