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Day: October 5, 2022

Crownpeak acquires ilumino

Crownpeak, provider of a digital experience platform (DXP), announced the acquisition of ilumino, a digital accessibility services and consulting firm. The acquisition reinforces an existing two-year partnership with ilumino, expanding Crownpeak’s automated accessibility scanning technology with ilumino’s subject matter expertise in digital accessibility and usability. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

More than one billion people worldwide live with some form of visual, auditory, mobility, or cognitive disability, and many organizations are recognizing the need to deliver digital experiences that are inclusive of all users. The Crownpeak/ilumino partnership already serves business services, insurance, and consumer packaged goods (CPG) leaders operating in multiple countries.

Crownpeak’s accessibility solutions enable enterprises to deliver consistent, inclusive, and accessible digital experiences across digital touchpoints – including web, mobile apps, and software. Crownpeak’s Accessibility and Quality solution provides automated and ongoing scanning and auditing against WCAG guidelines, enabling compliance with ADA, AODA and EAA (European Accessibility Act) requirements. Crownpeak’s accessibility functionality is natively integrated into its Digital Experience Platform (DXP) for ease of content operations workflow. With Crownpeak’s technology and expertise, enterprise customers can improve digital accessibility practices within the context of their existing business practices, brand guidelines, and personalized user experiences.


Apollo GraphQL introduces GraphOS

Apollo GraphQL introduced Apollo GraphOS, a platform to build, connect, and scale any supergraph, a runtime that connects backend and frontend systems in a modular way. GraphOS is the execution fabric for the supergraph. It offers self-hosted or cloud-hosted routing, so users can choose to operate the supergraph in the cloud, and build without complex infrastructure setup or configuration. Features include:

  • Cloud-hosted or self-hosted routing for supergraphs with Federation built in. Connect everything in one graph with a supergraph runtime where you need it.
  • Advanced GraphQL capabilities. New and upcoming features like @defer, live queries, and edge caching give devs the power and flexibility to build a new generation of apps.
  • A central source of truth for schemas and delivery pipeline for changes. Keep all of your developers up to date with the most recent schema changes, and verify changes against past client operations before they hit production.
  • Control who can access your supergraph, as well as when and why they can do it. SOC 2 Type II compliant. Tested and audited by Doyensec.

GraphOS will soon include the ability to link supergraphs beyond organizational firewalls connecting third-party APIs like partners, payment services, content management systems, or public APIs.

Gilbane Advisor 10-5-22 — structured content, zero knowledge, search

This week we feature an article by Carrie Hane.

Additional reading comes from Rachel Andrew, and Elena Burger, Bryan Chiang, Sonal Chokshi, Eddy Lazzarin, Justin Thaler & Ali Yahya.

News comes from Adobe, Veryfi, AtScale, and Grammarly.

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Opinion / Analysis

Structured content 101

Many of you don’t need an explanation of structured content or its value potential, but you’ll appreciate Carrie Hane’s effort to educate a broader audience of content-focused and business professionals that do. Her guide might also facilitate communication and collaboration between content pros and data science colleagues. (14 min).

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Adobe updates Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements

The new releases incorporate new Adobe Sensei AI-powered features to enable streamlined editing, step-by-step Guided Edits to help beginners.

Grammarly announces general availability of its Text Editor SDK

Grammarly for Developers allows builders to easily add grammar checking and real-time writing support into their web or desktop applications.

Veryfi offers free platform to transform documents into structured data

Companies can turn unstructured documents into structured data can add AI-driven OCR capabilities to their apps without typical startup costs.

AtScale adds enterprise AI capabilities to semantic layer platform

New capabilities support developer productivity and business adoption to accelerate the deployment of Data-Centric enterprise AI.

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