This week we have articles from Christine Vallaure and Simon Yuen. News comes from The Enterprise Knowledge Graph Foundation (EKGF), BA Insight, MediaValet and FFW, Kyndryl and Microsoft, and Lucid.

Opinion / Analysis

An era of digital humans

The process to create a digital human is extremely labor-intensive and manual. NVIDIA is researching tools and developing ways to accelerate and simplify digital human creation — and we believe AI and simulation is the key to doing this.

Simon Yuen leads NVIDIA’s Digital Human efforts and explains what they are doing to make digital humans more realistic and useful for a wide range of applications. There are also a couple of fascinating short videos.

Why designers should move from px to rem — and how to do that in Figma

If you are anything like me, you happily used Pixel (px) in Sketch and Figma during the past years without thinking much about it. It is the unit they gave me. Surely it is correct, and if not, the development team can fix that, no? Plus, there are a lot of people saying my design should be pixel perfect, right?

Christine Vallaure points out that designing only with pixels conflicts with accessibility requirements, and then provides a deep dive on why, and what can be done about it. She is writing for other designers, and developers, but the article will be illuminating for anyone interested in web design and/or accessibility.

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Content technology news

Enterprise Knowledge Graph Foundation (EKGF) releases draft maturity model

The open source EKG/MM is a collaboration of experts and practitioners designed to promote best practices across the knowledge graph community.

BA Insight for Amazon OpenSearch Service and BA Insight for Amazon Kendra now in AWS Marketplace

Offerings provide customers the ability to easily subscribe to the BA Insight technology stack directly through their existing AWS accounts.

MediaValet partners with FFW

FFW customers will be able to aggregate, secure, organize and access their digital assets as their organizations grow.

Kyndryl and Microsoft establish global strategic partnership

To accelerate digital transformation across industries built on the Microsoft Cloud to accelerate hybrid cloud adoption, modernize applications and processes.

Lucid updates Lucidspark integration with Teams

The new integration feature allows users to collaborate and interact with a Lucidspark board directly within a Teams meeting, sharing it to the meeting stage.

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