MediaValet Inc., provider of cloud-native enterprise digital asset management (DAM) and creative operations software, and FFW, a global digital experience agency, announced a new partnership to enable enterprise organizations to achieve digital scale faster and with a higher degree of success.

As a global digital experience practitioner, FFW helps clients such as Pfizer, Panasonic and General Electric, unlock new capabilities, streamline control and achieve sustainable business impact. With their user and category structure, UI, easy-to-use API, scalability, and redundancy, compliance, and security, MediaValet was the chosen digital asset management partner to incorporate into FFW’s customers’ Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs). With this new partnership, FFW customers will be able to aggregate, secure, organize and access their digital assets as their organizations grow. Through out-of-the-box and deep custom integrations, facilitated by FFW, organizations will be able to support internal processes, streamline the creation of digital assets, and expedite the distribution of those assets to relevant audiences within a secure and redundant environment.