From the Netlify blog…

Today we’re thrilled to announce that Y Combinator and SignalFire-backed OneGraph is joining Netlify. We launched Netlify in 2015 to help developers move from legacy monolithic web architecture to Jamstack, where the web presentation layer is decoupled from backend logic. OneGraph will drive innovation in the Netlify platform to make it even easier to build and manage integrations across third-party services as well as access to your own internal services and data. OneGraph uses GraphQL as a modern standard for connecting these services, using great tooling that’s fast, extensible, and reliable. We’re excited for a future where developers have a unified way to access the APIs and services they choose on Netlify. OneGraph’s co-founders Sean Grove and Daniel Woefel will be leading API ecosystem strategy here at Netlify and an integral part of the engineering team.

While fully integrating OneGraph into Netlify will take some time, we’re excited to announce the first step in making multi-app service integrations easier – officially launching API Authentication, through Netlify Labs. With one-click in the Netlify UI, you can now generate and manage authentication tokens for a catalog of third-party APIs. The feature is available to all Netlify users from the Netlify Labs dashboard.