Snowflake announced at its Snowday event that data scientists, data engineers, and application developers can now use Python, in addition to Java and Scala, natively within Snowflake as part of Snowpark, Snowflake’s developer framework. With Snowpark for Python, developers will be able to collaborate on data in their preferred language. At the same time, they can leverage the security, governance, and elastic performance of Snowflake’s platform to build scalable, optimized pipelines, applications, and machine learning workflows. Snowpark for Python is currently in private preview. As a result of the recently announced partnership with Anaconda, Snowflake users can now access the popular ecosystem of Python open source libraries, without the need for manual installs and package dependency management. Additional Snowflake and Snowpark capabilities include:

  • Cross-cloud account replication
  • Improved replication performance
  • Expanded governance capabilities and integration
  • Snowpark: Stored Procedures
  • Snowpark: Unstructured File Processing 
  • Snowpark: Logging Framework