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Day: November 10, 2021

Gilbane Advisor 11-10-21 — Content, commerce and martech, Metabrand

This week we have articles from Scott Brinker, and Benedict Evans. News comes from Contentful and Vaimo, Liferay, Bridgeline and Luminos, and Microsoft.

Opinion / Analysis

Commerce is the latest (renewed) frontier in martech

Scott Brinker has a short post about how important digital commerce has become in martech stack near-term budget planning. As the chart above shows, digital commerce tools are at the top of the list at 43%. “The second most anticipated addition by 34% of respondents? Digital experience platforms (DXP), which, frankly, are often the engines through which commerce-related content and experiences are deployed.”. Note the chart also shows content management systems (CMS), largely the same vendors as DXPs, as the fourth choice at 25%. Content and digital commerce have a long history predating the dot-com crash, but the difficulty of integrating the necessary systems and organizations has held back progress. Scott also shares a Gartner chart showing a big jump coming in B2B procurement through websites. Looks like content and commerce have a big future in martech land.


The most popular link from last week’s issue was Ethan Zuckerman’s article on Facebook’s metamove, largely about the technical challenges of metaverses. Benedict Evans is no less skeptical, but because of the history of such large company reinventions.

… it seems to me that the real rebrand this week wasn’t Facebook to Meta but VR to Metaverse. VR is an old and pretty stale term – a dad brand – and Facebook wants to make VR into much more than just a headset and some games. It’s trying to make that happen through sheer weight of investment, effort and organisational mass – Moore’s law plus money and momentum will pull this into existence out of thin air (it hopes). Rebranding, reconceptualising, and relaunching might be part of that. The trouble is…

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Content technology news

Vaimo partners with Contentful

B2B and B2C merchants need flexibility from their digital technology stack. With Contentful’s platform Vaimo can provide a headless or suite approach to digital solutions.

Liferay unveils DXP 7.4

Liferay’s digital experience platform DXP 7.4 delivers new capabilities that allow all users to deliver and optimize digital experiences.

Microsoft introduces Microsoft Loop

A new app that combines a flexible canvas with portable Fluid components that move freely and stay in sync across apps for team collaboration.

Bridgeline and Luminos Labs to productize Hawksearch connector for Optimizely

The Optimizely B2C connector is already used by B2C platform customers and adds to integrations with Salesforce B2B Commerce, Big Commerce, Magento.

Microsoft unveils Mesh for Microsoft Teams

Mesh builds on Teams features such as Together mode and Presenter mode that make remote and hybrid meetings more collaborative and immersive.

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MediaValet partners with FFW

MediaValet Inc., provider of cloud-native enterprise digital asset management (DAM) and creative operations software, and FFW, a global digital experience agency, announced a new partnership to enable enterprise organizations to achieve digital scale faster and with a higher degree of success.

As a global digital experience practitioner, FFW helps clients such as Pfizer, Panasonic and General Electric, unlock new capabilities, streamline control and achieve sustainable business impact. With their user and category structure, UI, easy-to-use API, scalability, and redundancy, compliance, and security, MediaValet was the chosen digital asset management partner to incorporate into FFW’s customers’ Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs). With this new partnership, FFW customers will be able to aggregate, secure, organize and access their digital assets as their organizations grow. Through out-of-the-box and deep custom integrations, facilitated by FFW, organizations will be able to support internal processes, streamline the creation of digital assets, and expedite the distribution of those assets to relevant audiences within a secure and redundant environment.

Lucid updates Lucidspark integration with Teams

Lucid, provider of visual collaboration software, announced an updated integration experience for its virtual whiteboard, Lucidspark, with Microsoft Teams. The Lucidspark integration with Teams connects distributed teams by bringing collaboration right into users’ existing workflows. The new integration feature allows users to collaborate and interact with a Lucidspark board directly within a Teams meeting by sharing it to the meeting stage. This provides the full experience of an in-person whiteboarding session without ever leaving Teams, making it even easier for hybrid teams to collaborate, align and move into action. The updated Lucidspark integration builds on existing features, including the ability to share boards quickly and easily within Teams to bring everyone together, and adding boards directly to team channels for later reference or asynchronous collaboration.

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