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Day: September 22, 2021

Elastic announces Enterprise Search 7.15 with App Search web crawler

Elastic announced new updates and enhancements across the Elastic Enterprise Search Solution in its 7.15 release, including the general availability of the native Elastic App Search web crawler and new personalization capabilities in Elastic Workplace Search.

The web crawler offers a fast and efficient way for users to ingest content directly from publicly accessible web sites and create new search experiences for any use case without having to write code or access the underlying datastore. The native web crawler also provides enhanced performance and stability features, such as automatic crawling controls and content extraction tools, streamlining implementation for users, and optimizing content findability within their App Search engines. Customization features in Elastic Workplace Search enable users to unify internal search experiences, meet infrastructure demands, and deliver relevant real-time results. New features include:

  • Customized internal search branding to give users the ability to create a consistent look and feel across all workplace productivity tools.
  • Enhanced sync configurability to ensure computing resources meet infrastructure demands and provide real-time results.
  • Configurable automatic filter detection to automatically recognize natural language queries and deliver relevant search results.
  • Improved Search API, enabling customers to build custom search implementations within high-traffic applications like intranets and workflow applications.

Brightspot launches partner program

Brightspot, a content management system (CMS) provider, announced the launch of the Brightspot Partner Program, developed for solution partners and digital agencies and consultancies that are looking to deliver and execute on CMS projects quickly. Brightspot’s API-first platform includes headless capabilities and gives organizations the option to access and use a number of pre-built integrations to save valuable development time and effort.

Brightspot offers its partners API-first CMS benefits, including out-of-the-box features such as a rich text editor, customizable workflows, a native digital asset management (DAM), global and federated search, an inherent modular approach, and a seamless approach to integrations. Benefits include:

  • Training on Brightspot’s API-first approach and headless architecture
  • Support in co-selling Brightspot with Partner Services
  • Continued support – Brightspot supports with customer demos and initial implementations
  • Access to the Brightspot Partner Portal
  • Referral commission on Brightspot license for closed deals sourced by a partner
  • New opportunities sourced by Brightspot for established partners

Gilbane Advisor 9-22-21 — No-code, data stacks, OpenMetadata

This week we have articles from Louise de Leyritz and Suresh Srinivas. News comes from RWS Language Weaver and ServiceNow, Adobe, Progress, and Kentico.

Opinion / Analysis

What If … you had to build a data stack with no-code tools?

Well, not only with no-code tools. Louise de Leyritz’s title is usefully clicky in that it will get you thinking about how no-code tools can contribute to building a modern data stack. In particular, support for data democratization — providing a way for non-technical parts of your organization to gain operational access to critical data. The article looks at the pros and cons, and suggests an appropriate set of no-code tools to consider for data science / machine learning.

Announcing OpenMetadata

Metadata a a critical component for lots of corporate applications, but how do you manage it in a world of data lakes and hybrid data stacks that need to be shared across different functions? Suresh Srinivas is well placed to tackle this problem having done so at Uber. But he is proposing an open source approach that goes beyond a centralized Metadata Lake to a Metadata Graph. Very interesting.

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Content technology news

Language Weaver now available for ServiceNow customers

Supports the translation of most business content: documents, chatbot discussions, email conversations and incident tickets within ServiceNow.

Adobe announces Payment Services for Adobe Commerce

Adobe merchants will have access to the integrated payment solution that can easily be managed from their Adobe Commerce Admin.

Progress releases Sitefinity DX 14.0

The digital experience platform (DXP) has new capabilities for low-code integration, chat-driven engagement, and headless content delivery.

Kentico updates Kentico Xperience 13

Refresh 3 features include selecting multiple pages using the Content Selector, Widget Zone Restrictions, and Widget Zone Names.

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