announced the availability of commercial options for its NL API. Powered by technology, which mimics the human ability to understand language and complex textual information, the NL API provides advanced linguistic analysis out of the box, so developers and data scientists can reduce development costs and increase productivity while optimizing their natural language processing (NLP) applications. The introduction of the commercial offering builds upon the previously released freemium model to give users the ability to expand their usage of the NL API and scale their apps, either standalone or embedded into an enterprise’s existing AI processes, by supporting larger volumes of data. NL API features include linguistic analysis tools, embedded taxonomies for classification, and sentiment analysis. By resolving complexity associated with language, it streamlines the development of apps that rely on and process natural language content and unstructured data (contracts, internal database, news articles, academic papers, customer service emails, insurance policies, medical reports etc.) that typically is either not analyzed because it is inefficient or is analyzed manually which is expensive.,