Algolia, a Search-as-a-Service company, announced that it has acquired MorphL, a Google Digital News Initiative-funded startup, to help power Algolia’s new AI offering. This new suite of API-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) models enables developers, data scientists, and marketers to predict users’ intent, personalize online experiences, and create targeted offers. Applying AI to every point in a user’s journey can be complex. Historically, developers’, data scientists’, and marketers’ options have been limited to a reliance on either “opaque” proprietary or open source offerings, or to build their own models from scratch, which could take several weeks or months. Algolia’s AI offering simplifies the ability to understand users’ intent so that it is possible to personalize experiences and offers, even from “first visit” and “first search.”

This acquisition extends Algolia’s intelligent search APIs, with recommendations and user behavior models all along the customer journey, so companies can deliver intent-based experiences and iterate quickly in response to market trends and user propensity profiles. It also allows them to leverage their market knowledge to manage and tune the entire experience.