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Day: December 17, 2020

Mindbreeze partners with Akeydor on enterprise search solutions

Mindbreeze announced a new partnership with Akeydor Ltd, a specialized IT consulting services company focusing on both out-of-the-box and custom software automation solutions. Akeydor Ltd implements software for remote access, remote support, and classroom management that serves distance and remote contexts for both teaching and learning. The Mindbreeze InSpire insight engine provides quick indexing of data and enables information crawling. Uniting knowledge and information from company-internal data sources into one semantic search index, Mindbreeze InSpire makes analyzing, understanding, and finding of largest volumes of information efficient and easy. Akeydor Ltd has partnered with Mindbreeze to offer customers a cognitive search experience. Through this new partnership, Akeydor Ltd will have the ability to provide customers with enterprise search and digital transformation.

Cloudflare announces Cloudflare Pages

Cloudflare, Inc. announced the release of Cloudflare Pages, a new website development platform. Cloudflare Pages is JAMstack-compatible and offers security, scalability, pricing, and performance. Cloudflare Pages provides developers a simpler, faster, and more collaborative way to build websites for free. Performance on the web has always been a battle against the speed of light—accessing a site from London that is served from Seattle, WA means every single asset request has to travel over seven thousand miles. Cloudflare Pages helps with the web performance battle, building entire sites directly onto the edge of the Internet, and closer to the end-users. With Cloudflare Pages, developers can focus on building brilliant websites rather than spending time on integrating disparate systems. Pages integrates seamlessly with GitHub to simplify the development process, to collect and integrate feedback from multiple stakeholders, and to deploy those changes quickly to the edge.,

Panopto adds collaboration features for rapid knowledge sharing

Panopto, a video management system provider for enterprise and higher education, announced new features that make it easy for users to discover and share knowledge through on-demand videos and meeting recordings. Creators now have new ways to increase visibility of their videos, and viewers have easy ways to follow creators and topics of interest to them. The new features include:

  • Tags. Content creators and administrators can now apply tags to videos and manage the set of tags available on their site. From the library and the viewer interfaces, users can see the tags applied to each video and find other tagged videos with a single click.
  • Sharing moments in a video. Viewers can share a link to a specific point in a video from the viewer interface. As long as the sharing recipient has permission to view the video, they will be taken to the exact moment in the video that was shared. This feature is especially useful for employees and students collaborating on projects or sharing moments from recorded meetings.
  • Subscriptions. Viewers can now subscribe to secure videos from specific creators, tags, and folders, surfacing the content that is most important to them right on their homepage.

Liferay to provide digital experiences IBM Cloud for Financial Services

Liferay, Inc., which makes software that helps companies create digital experiences on web, mobile, and connected devices, announced it will join the IBM Cloud for Financial Services ecosystem and intends to onboard its flagship Liferay Digital Experience solution to the platform. The IBM Cloud for Financial Services is designed to help institutions safely migrate their sensitive operations to the cloud and take advantage of cloud-native technologies from IBM’s independent software vendor (ISV) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) partners. Liferay DXP will provide financial institutions with a single platform on which to develop omnichannel experiences for their customers, partners, and employees. The IBM Cloud for Financial Services is designed to help address financial services institutions requirements for their regulatory compliance, security, and resiliency. IBM’s ecosystem of partners fuels hybrid cloud environments by helping clients manage and modernize workloads from bare-metal to multicloud and everything in between with Red Hat OpenShift.

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